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A Straight-Laced Episode

August 18, 2016

Ah, shoes! Where would we be without them? I can honestly say I don’t understand why people think being a shoe-aholic is a problem-much so one that requires rehab.  The right pair of shoes, like accessories, have magical powers that can play an instrumental role in the  metamorphosis of a basic outfit to a 3 finger snaps, out of this world, y’all aren’t ready for this outfit! You can take that to the bank. Please and thank you.

I  promised in this previous post to showcase these beauties on their own platform. It is imperative that they are the belle of the night, so to speak. So let’s get acquainted, why don’t we? First things first, they do have a name-Kenneson from Aldo. I’m not entirely sure what the thought process behind the name Kenneson was, but I actually really like the name. Not that it would have made a difference if they had a name like Respucia. My heart would still leap for joy every time my eyes set forth on them.


Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s get a little more personal. Let’s talk about love, and why exactly Kenneson and I have this subliminal connection. They had me at hello when my gaze was drawn to their vibrant orange color. I slowly sized them up from heel to toe and hungrily took in every detail.  I can lace them up? The heel is neither stripper high nor matronly low?  Can we say sold! *swoon*


Let it be known that I don’t have the best relationship history with pointy-toed heels; however, I’m pleased to announce that Kenneson has succeeded in rewriting that story. These babies are extremely comfortable on the footsies. I can assure you that with these beauties, you won’t have to worry about trying to catch your balance, limping your way to the closest chair, and flinging them off your feet before you can’t stifle your agonal screams any longer!  You can walk, tip-toe, prance, dance etc in Kenneson all day/night, without putting your feet through untold suffering.


Can we talk about how affordable they are too? I mean, I’m not one to brag, but I’ve been known to stretch a dollar from here to Antarctica. Call me a frugalista, but I love a good bargain without compromising on quality. Say it with me-I don’t have to break the bank to look good. Now exhale.

What can you pair these beauties with you might be wondering? So far I have only worn Kenneson with pants; however, I am well aware that the options are limitless.  I can see myself pairing them with a mini or midi A-line skirt or dress, or even with a pair of shorts. I will showcase different Kenneson-outfit pairings in future blog posts. Keep your eyes peeled.


In as much as this post was about Kenneson, I try to play fair. Let’s discuss this lovely yellow envelope clutch bag, why don’t we. The bright yellow color commands attention and immediately brightens any outfit it’s paired with. I also love the fact that’s it’s lightweight but roomy, allowing me to fit quite a bit of essentials into it.  I’ll definitely get a lot of wear out of it, and can’t wait to feature it in future posts.




So here’s some exciting news: *insert drum roll here* Kenneson’s price was recently slashed in half! No, I didn’t stutter. The original price was $80, but now you can take them home, or have them walk home to you via mail for $40! I mean that’s a steal, and you know you can’t beat that deal! So what are you waiting for? Run along and grab yourself a pair while supplies last. Trust me, you don’t want to sing the lead on a “shoulda, woulda, coulda” a cappella routine. I’ve been there, done that, and begrudgingly worn the t-shirt.  Those days are over though. Now I jump when there’s a sale, because I don’t want to be bombarded with thoughts about how different my closet would  have been if I had actually bought that sale item lol.

Here’s the direct link to Kenneson’s online residence

Though not exactly like the one I have, you can find a similar clutch bag here

Now go forth and be dapper. 🙂


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