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    Red, Velvet and Leather at the Holiday Party

    November 20, 2017

    The holidays are right around the corner, and with that comes the much anticipated holiday party season. It is such an exciting time of the year! Yes, the weather pales in comparison to warm toasty summer weather; however, the overall merrymaking vibe of the holiday season more than makes up for it. I associate this time of the year with the colors green, red and gold. Christmas trees are green, Santa is red, and gifts are gold lol. No, seriously…

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    A Tale of Pumpkin Spicy Boots

    Autumn is the season for all things pumpkin spice! Let it be known that this is not limited to the highly anticipated pumpkin spice latte. I personally love all things sugar and pumpkin spice…

    November 10, 2017
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    Frolicking Into Fall In Florals

    Is it just me, or has the year flown by at supersonic speed? How is it October already? Scratch that, how is Summer already over? Thankfully, we will still get to enjoy warm weather…

    October 4, 2017
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    Here Comes The Showstopper!

    Oh, my days! I am just going to cut to the chase today; there is no need for small talk!  I have some news to share- I am head over heels in love…with a…

    July 12, 2017