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March 9, 2017

Full disclosure: I’m a self-proclaimed number one fan of all things ruffles! My love for them goes back as far back as I can remember. Exhibit A: I have in my possession, a toddler-hood photograph of yours truly in the cutest little white ruffle dress. It looks like whoever was behind the camera snagged the perfect shot as I was prancing around, with my head up high,  because even at that tender age I knew ruffles were legit. Thank you for capturing that candid moment, dear camera person; that’s one of my favorite photographs.

Now back to this week’s episode of Afrostylicity’s style news…

Up until fairly recently (read the past couple of years)it was close to impossible to find ruffle-laden pieces off the conventional clothing rack. Subsequently, I had resigned myself to the plight of limited ruffles availability. I had reluctantly accepted the raw deal of only occasionally being able to discover and partake in ruffle-palooza at thrift stores.  Fast forward to 2017, the present day time of ruffles awareness, when pretty much every brand and its fiercest competitor is showcasing ruffle looks. How much do I love this season of abundance? Let me count the ways! If you’ve not been inducted into the ruffle-dom hall of fame, the market may seem pretty saturated with all things ruffles now; however,  for lifelong ruffle devotees like myself, there is no such thing as too much ruffle! Is that enough use of the word ‘ruffle’ in a sentence for you? *chuckle* Why would one tire of ruffles, given the limitless options? *insert perplexed look here* Trust me when I confidently state that this isn’t just a random fad for me. I will be that person wearing ruffles long after they are ” no longer in style.” Ruffles will always be part and parcel of my personal style!

In my (sometimes not so) humble style opinion, a white, long-sleeved blouse should be a staple in every woman’s closet. Think about it, you can pair it with just about anything and look like a million bucks and some change.  With this mindset, I was markedly drawn to this gorgeous white, v-neck, ruffle trim, buttoned cuff blouse from Romwe. It instantaneously made it’s way up to my list of current blouse favorites, especially so because it stands out from the pack.  Its clean, crisp design makes for a sophisticated piece that will stand the test of style time. I can definitely see myself wearing this blouse for eons, pairing it with all manner of pieces from skirts to pants and everything in between.

As you have probably gathered, if you have been reading my posts long enough, I am drawn to intricate details on clothing pieces. I particularly adore the silver buttons on this blouse, that combined with the ruffles, make for an outfit dripping with flair. I would otherwise have donned a pair of cufflinks (yes, ladies can wear cufflinks too) to add an extra pop of eye-catching pizzazz; however, as you can see, this blouse needs no extra help. I absolutely love that it is well-tailored and the length is just right, making it easy-breezy to tuck into my pants. Speaking of pants, I chose to pair the blouse with a  pair of fuschia, high-waist tailored pants.  One of the reason’s why I’m a die-hard fan of high-waisted pants is because they have waist-cinching benefits that accentuate one’s curves. Most of us want that hour glass shape, yes?

For footwear, I chose this gorgeous fuschia pair of pumps to complement the overall look. Due to the overall “busy” look of ruffles,  I kept my accessories simple,  (remember, less is more) opting for a gold choker, gold watch, and simple gold bracelets.


This look is effortlessly chic and one that you can put together rather quickly, especially on a day when you’re running late. On a day when you have more time to spare, you can pair this gorgeous blouse with a wide array of pieces- that’s how versatile it is. Imagine pairing it with a pencil skirt to a dinner date; with an A-line skirt to brunch with the girls; with a pair of jeans for casual Friday at work…I could go on for days; the possibilities are endless.

Interested in recreating the look?

You can purchase the blouse here

When ordering, be sure to look at Romwe’s specific size chart to ensure that you select the correct size.  Romwe currently has a special running that will ensure you get 60% off your first order, and free standard shipping on orders over $50 and free express shipping on orders over $99. Sweet deal, right?

You can find a similar pair of pants here

You can find a similar pair of pumps  here 

Now go forth and be dapper. 🙂

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