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Extra! Extra! JORD Watch Giveaway Here!

August 30, 2016

I don’t usually do this, but I’ll switch things up today. I’m all about keeping you all in suspense, but I’ve decided to play nice and spill the beans off the bat. Well, if you read the blog post title you’ve already figured out what I’m on about. No, I didn’t stutter while I typed-this really is a giveaway post! Permission granted to do a happy jig. Woo hoo! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get ourselves together and get to the nitty gritty of this matter, why don’t we.


THE Frankie Series JORD Watch

I’ve gone ahead of myself though, so let’s backtrack a little bit. The beginning would be a great place to start this story, innit?  Let’s talk about how I squealed in excitement when my hands reached into the Priority Mail package the JORD Frankie Series watch came into my world in. Believe it or not,  I didn’t even squeeze the bubble wrap inner packaging like my inner child is known to do. Typically, adult amnesia sets in and I forget how to act my age when I’m left alone with bubble wrap. Responsible adulthood? What’s that. But I digress…

Back to Frankie- can we talk about the box it came in. Can you say posh! I absolutely love it! This is definitely the stuff originality is made of. It’s made of a clean wood, with the letter J for JORD engraved atop. The top of the box slides open much like a drawer in which you’d keep your treasured family heirlooms. After what felt like centuries of me admiring the box, I eagerly reached within the box and carefully lifted the watch out, all the while taking in its magnificent beauty. I was mesmerized by the radiant blue face and the intricate details of the natural wood.

As you’ve probably gathered thus far from my previous blog post , my love for watches knows no bounds. I especially love large watches that command attention. Much like the belle of the ball who walks in and all heads turn to take in her awe-inspiring presence. That! That’s the type of reaction I seek.  I love to make an unspoken but commanding statement with the watches I wear. This here watch does that and more; it is the epitome of elegant sophistication.

This is a watch that I will be able to pair with all manner of outfits. Everything from casual to boardroom-ready, to everything in between. The brown and blue combination will match with just about anything. Trust me, I know this firsthand because I wasted no time in pairing it with several outfits. I can’t wait to show you all the different looks in future blog posts.

Might I add that Frankie even matches my car. *chuckle* I’m sorry to get your hopes up but the car does not come with the watch.*chuckle*  🙂

So a little background about JORD…

The company was established in 2013 to create true designer watches from natural materials. Their watches combine natural wood with premium quartz, chronograph or automatic movement. I can attest to the fact that JORD watches are conversation starters. I’ve had scores of people ask me about my Frankie Series watch, and how they can get their hands on their own. Thankfully, you’re insiders, so you don’t have to twist my arm to get me to share my secrets.

Here’s the 411- JORD is running a giveaway contest, and you’re invited to participate. Yes, you! One lucky winner will get a $75 voucher that he/she can put towards a JORD watch. EVERY person who enters the contest gets a $20 e-gift card (excluding the $75 e-voucher winner). 

The following are the contest rules:

  1. Click on the ‘Shop Now’ link below


Luxury Wood Watch

2. Fill out the simple form to enter.

3. Be sure to take a look at all the amazing watches on the website.

4. Sit back, relax and wait for the winners to be announced.

Welcome to the JORD family, friends. Now go forth and be dapper. 🙂

We believe moments are bigger than minutes, so we made a watch that tells more than time.~JORD


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    Wow, Great fashion style!!! Looking so beautiful watch. Awesome!! 🙂

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