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I Wear White Before AND After Labor Day

August 16, 2016

On today’s episode of things that make you go huh?…

Apparently it’s a major fashion faux pas to wear white after Labor Day. *clutching pearls*  Insert a  resounding gasp here. By golly, whatever do you mean? I have about 99 questions for the person responsible for  that rule. First things first, I’d like to know who appointed him/her the chairperson of the appropriate clothing color committee. Is it a dictatorship and no one gets a say? If not, can we oust the chairperson? Did said chairperson just wake up one morning and decide “hmmm let me create a silly rule and insist that everyone must comply.” It makes sub-zero sense to me! Now I’m sure there must be some sort of historical context to the rule; however, I don’t see any rhyme or reason to it in this day and age.  All I know is that it’s nonsensical, and whoever calls me out for being a non-conformist can kick rocks.  Rant over lol.

So where was I going with this? White outfits- let’s talk about them. I love white for three main reasons- the three C’s:  clean, crisp, and chic. It looks polished, and well put together, so I wear as much white as I possibly can all year round. Yes, I said it- even in the dead of winter I prance around in all white. Why? Because I can 🙂

Now on to regular scheduled programming…

I absolutely love this particular pair of white jeans. I think the best way to describe them would be the culmination of a pair of Mom jeans and a pair of boyfriend jeans sharing a gene pool.  This pair of high-waist, casual fit jeans is their love child.


I love high waist jeans because of the extra dose of curvaceousness they add. I also love that this pair  is slightly loose fitting.  Ladies, we don’t always have to stuff ourselves into skintight jeans that are sometimes so terribly uncomfortable. It’s perfectly alright to steer away from jeans that look painted on. Your diaphragm will thank you for it.  Trust me.

I paired the jeans with a simple white tank top which I tucked in to show off the high waist. I broke the monotony of all white by donning this GORGEOUS floral blazer from A’gaci. I love the well-fitted cut, and the fact that it’s lightweight, making it possible to wear in the 1,000 degree oven that is this year’s Texas summer.


floral8This is a very comfortable outfit that can be worn to all manner of events. I can wear it to work, out on a casual meet-up, out to church etc. If you’ll notice from my previous posts, I like to list all the different places I can wear outfits to. This is a practice I’ve taken up before I buy any new item of clothing. When an item catches my eye, I ask myself how many places I could wear it to. I then mentally assess my closet and see what  else I could pair it with. The more outfits I can pair it with the better, and it then shifts from my “maybe I’ll buy” pile to my “definitely coming home” pile.


I’ll provide more details about the shoes on my next post.  I’d be doing these beauties a disservice if I didn’t showcase them on their own blog post. You’ve got to respect to the shoes, fam. You’ve got to respect the shoes.

I’m sure you’re eager to find out where you too can purchase the blazer, yes?  Well,  as previously mentioned, it’s from  A’gaci. They were big on floral blazers this past Spring and summer, as evidenced by their extensive selection. I’m sure you’ll find additional styles that you’d like to make a part of your closet family.

You can find a blazer  just like the one I’m wearing here

You can find another similar blazer here 

For a full-sleeved floral blazer, follow the links I shared on this previous post. 

You can find a similar pair of jeans here 



Now go forth and be dapper. 🙂



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