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It’s Cape Season

February 1, 2017

Howdy y’all! It feels like a lifetime ago since I last posted a lookbook. Well, slight exaggeration, it’s been a few weeks, but you catch my drift. If you’re on this side of Mother Nature’s mood swings, I hope you’re keeping warm, but not compromising your sense of style while doing so. The beauty about Fall/Winter fashion is that it creates an opportunity for you to express your personal sense of style in a unique manner.  It is for this reason that this is my favorite time of year style-wise.  I have a few Winter/Fall favorites; however, I’ll have to say that one long-standing staple in my winter closet is cape coats. For some reason or another, they are my absolute favorite type of coats. It might have something to do with “Little Red Riding Hood” being my favorite book as a child *giggle* For the purposes of today’s look, we can rename it Little Blush Riding Hood.

I purchased this particular blush/peach colored, double breasted cape coat from SheIn at the end of last winter- which by the way is the best time to buy winter wear as prices are slashed. The same applies to summer wear- if you’re not rigid about keeping up with trends, you can get summer clothes at amazing deals when summer bids us adieu.

So back to the topic at hand- this gorgeous cape coat! Can we talk about the details, perhaps? The cape is detachable, so if you seek a different look you can wear it as a sleeveless vest. Imagine pairing it with a tank top, a pair of jeans, and a pair of heels. Chic, right?  I love the versatility it offers! For the next few months, however, I will make do with wearing it as a coat. I look forward to pairing it with all manner of clothing items from pencil skirts to jeans and everything in between.



The coat’s fabric is heavy, but not too much so that you can’t get away with wearing it when the weather warms up some. I especially love that I can layer it without having to deal with adding unnecessary bulk.  On this particular day, I chose to pair it with a simple long sleeve little black dress, opaque tights, and animal print booties.   The coat came with a belt but I opted not to wear it this time around. But hey if donning a belt tickles your fancy, by all means, wear one.

Unfortunately, because I purchased this particular cape coat at the end of last winter, it’s not available for sale by Shein this season. However, not to worry,  there are similar cape coats in existence! *fist pump* You can access them via the links below.

Cape Coat #1 (this one looks most like my peach one, albeit the color)

Cape Coat #2

Cape Coat #3 

There you have it- now go forth and be dapper!




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