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Royal Blue+ Off Shoulder+ Peplum= A Winning Combination

May 27, 2017

It would be a tough decision to make if  I was asked to choose one favorite color from the extensive color spectrum. I’d be spoiled for choice! My love for all vibrant colors is unquestionable; warm, happy hues serenade my soul. Royal blue is definitely high up on my list of favorite colors. I found myself taking a good look at my closet recently, and realized that I have quite a number of outfits that pay homage to my love for royal blue. Add to that my love for peplum and we have a winning combination. Therefore, it goes without saying that this royal blue, off shoulder, peplum detail dress was a hit from the get go. I saw it and had to make it mine! It was love at first sight. Y’all think I’m exaggerating- I kid you not (lol)

Fun Fact: The peplum is not a recent style, it actually originated from ancient Greece, a time when both men and women donned it. A modified version of the peplum was also seen in the Victorian era.  It has evolved quite a bit since then, to say the least. It took on the form we know now in the 1940s, and it was revamped again in the 1980s. 

Now back to 2017…

I absolutely love the fabric of this dress! It has a slight stretch to it, allowing for some wiggle room. Given its body-hugging design breathing room is essential. In fact, One of the reasons I’m a die-hard peplum fan is because it’s so forgiving. Stomach bloated and you look like you’re expecting a food baby? No worries, there’s peplum for that! Peplum conceals a multitude of sins. *chuckle* Also, the extra fabric around the hips makes for a quick, non-surgical, hour glass shape augmentation. Plus the off-shoulder detail allows for an effortlessly sensual vibe.  How can I say no to that?


The length of this dress was a selling point as well. It’s short enough to show off some leg, but still long enough to give off a classy, sophisticated vibe. I chose to pair it with a pair of leopard print heels for that extra dose of sassiness. Nothing screams “you better pay attention when I arrive on the scene” than animal print. For contrast,  I chose a bright yellow clutch bag that again is an ode to my love for bright, happy colors. It was a super simple outfit to throw together; however, there is nothing simple about the air of flair it emits.


I must mention the versatility of this dress. Think Spring/Summer wedding, think dinner date, think afternoon high tea, think a host of other “dressed up” events…This is a dress that can be worn to a wide array of events. It’s definitely not one of those frocks that you wear once and then can’t for the life of you find another reason to wear it again. No bueno! I’m all about investing in versatile pieces.

As always, I’m here to share juicy tidbits with you. So here goes…

My exact dress is from a previous season; however, you can find a similar dress here 

You can find a similar clutch here 

You can find a similar pair of heels here

That’s all folks! Now go forth and be dapper. 🙂


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