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Something Yellow, Something Gold

July 17, 2016


I had a ton of fun putting this outfit together. I felt like I had transposed into the 80’s style era, sans the humongous shoulder pads. I love jumpsuits because I find that I can dress them up, or tone them down depending on the accessories I choose to don. For this particular look, I opted for the former by way of gold accessories. I’ve found that gold has a magical way of adding an air of sophistication to any outfit. Well, if done in moderation, otherwise it can be a bit too much. Less is definitely more. I chose a classic gold necklace with an interesting  chunky chain link detail to it. Additionally, I decided to give the jumpsuit a more defined waist by donning my famous metallic gold belt. I say famous because I wear it quite a bit. Finally,  I closed off the accessories chapter with a gold watch and matching bracelets.

This is a relatively simple outfit, but one that commands attention for its effortlessly chic vibe. I’ll definitely get a lot of wear out of it this summer. There’s no shame in my outfit repetition game lol.



AirBrush_20160711205300 (1)






Interested in recreating the look?

The jumpsuit is sold out; however, you can find an equally unique one  here

You can find the belt here

You can find a similar necklace here 

Now go forth and be dapper 🙂

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