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November 29, 2016

Summer had a good run, now dear Mother Nature: bring on Winter! Don’t get me wrong, I detest cold, icky weather, but I sure love Fall/Winter fashion. I mean anyone can put together a cute Spring/Summer outfit, but it takes special skills to pull off a stylish winter outfit without looking like a wrapped blanket. Slight exaggeration, but you get my drift, aye? In my humble  opinion, quite a bit of thought needs to go into not compromising one’s  style for the sake of keeping warm. How do we do that? The key is in layering!

Thankfully I live in a state that doesn’t get dreadfully chilly therefore I can make do without bulky overcoats. Nonetheless, I’ve invested in thermal wear that ensures I stay warm even when I don’t wear multiple layers of clothes. I know dark colors are meant to retain heat and keep us warm; however, I don’t subscribe to “only the dark colored clothing in the Fall/Winter” school of thought. I love bright colors all year round, so no, I do not tone it down a shade or ten when the weather cools down. Bright colors still keep me warm*grin*

I would say red is one of my favorite colors because of it’s attention-grabbing nature. Nothing  screams “hey look at me” more than a vibrant, scarlet red piece of clothing. I mean who wants to be a wallflower when you can be the centerpiece? *chuckle*

The day I wore this gorgeous woolen skirt was particularly gloomy outside. I needed to wear something bright-colored to keep the winter blues at bay. Did it work? It sure did! It was a perfect combo of warm and spicy, just like I l like my tea…but I digress.


I paired the skirt with a simple black, long sleeved t-shirt, and threw on a V. Fraas Cashmink plaid scarf to jazz up the look. I topped it off with a black jacket with vegan leather accents, slithered into a pair of opaque, covered-toe tights, and completed the look with a pair of  suede wedge heel shoes. I was warm, comfortable, and still stylish. I couldn’t ask for more.











Interested in recreating this outfit? Feel free to follow  the links below to purchase the pieces.

You can get a similar skirt here

You can find a similar shirt here 

You can find a similar jacket here

You can find a similar pair of shoes here

You can find a similar scarf here 

Now go forth and be dapper. 🙂


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