Tanglewood Resort: Episode I

September 24, 2016

Welcome aboard my travel diaries train. This is the first of many journal entries of my travel escapes. If you haven’t gathered by now, exploring the world is one of my absolute favorite pastimes. There’s just something special about being exposed to the sights and sounds of places away from my usual territory.
Being the travel junkie that I am, I have signed up for approximately 60, 347,786 newsletters from various travel agencies. I, therefore, receive a ton of emails about travel deals on a daily basis. I’ll be honest and say I had never heard of Tanglewood Resort until I received an email about a special TravelZoo was running on their behalf. I was elated to find out that the special deal was still valid over Labor Day weekend. So I went ahead and booked a Lakefront room, and proceeded to find out more about the resort. Imagine my surprise when I found out Pottsboro (where the resort is located) is only about a 90-minute drive from Dallas. It overlooks Lake Texoma, which is on the border of TEXas and OklahOMA. See what they did there? I continued with my investigation process and scoped out the gallery on the resort’s website. Pictures speak a thousand words they say, in this case, they spoke tens of thousands of words! I was impressed by the resort and all the amenities it had to offer.
Fast forward to the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, a little after 3 pm, when we set forth on our relatively short road trip from Dallas to Pottsboro. US Highway 75 was the gateway to our destination. We drove past McKinney, Anna, Melissa, Howe and a host of other towns- some of which I’d never heard of until then. Some of those areas looked like they had been untouched since the 1800s lol. Nonetheless, It was a beautiful, scenic drive that I enjoyed immensely. I relished the moment and let myself be enveloped in the breathtaking sights.
Approximately 1 hour into our journey, good ol’ Google Maps directed us off US 75 and onto a country road whose name escapes me now. I’ve slept since then. I was clutching my imaginary pearls, mouth agape, as I wondered how people drove on those roads in slick conditions, or even just at night. It was definitely not something my risk-averse self would dare to do.

It took us approximately 20 minutes to drive from the winding country road to the resort. It looked like there were quite a number of activities underway to celebrate the long Labor Day weekend. I pretty much run into the lobby and couldn’t wait to be a part of the festivities. We were warmly welcomed by the reception staff and quickly checked in. Now, friends, I’m all about freebies, so you can imagine my excitement when we were issued a gift bag! Fast forward to a few seconds later, when I tore open the gift bag to reveal the contents that lay within- 2 bottles of water! Lol. I guess it’s the thought that counts, right?

blog2tanglewood 3
We were directed to our lake view room, where we promptly dropped off our luggage, eager to get on with the serious business of exploring the premises. I immediately fell in love with the resort’s nautical theme. The interior of the building is intricately designed to resemble a ship. It felt like we were on a Carnival Cruise Line ship about to embark on a cruise to the Caribbean. Names like “Harbor Ball Room” and “Yacht Club” spoke to the overall nautical theme.
The large windows in the hallways allowed for spectacular views of the grounds. The view of the pool area was particularly spectacular. I couldn’t wait to go out there and immerse myself into the soothing water, but first -food!

tanglewood 2
We proceeded to the resort’s fine dining restaurant for an early dinner. We chose a window seat and took in the magnificent views of the garden. Let it be known that I love fresh from the oven warm bread. So when our server arrived with a basket of said bread, my heart leaped for joy. Can I get an amen! We were then served fresh garden salad as we waited for the main course to be prepared. I ordered the cashew chicken served on a bed of rice with mixed vegetables on the side. I enjoyed every last morsel! The server Zane was pleasant and extremely helpful. The ambience was Queen Elizabeth posh, so I expected the bill to be Waldorf Astoria expensive, but alas, it was a lot cheaper than anticipated!

tanglewood 1
After dinner, we resumed our “tour de exploration’ and wandered around the property taking it all in. I particularly enjoyed posing next to this old school car. Too bad we weren’t allowed to touch it- I had some classic model poses in mind. lol.



We headed out to the pool area where a DJ was belting out the latest hits. I felt no shame getting into full dance mode with the teens and tweens. Hey, life is to be lived, right?We then made our way to The Tower. What is the tower you might be wondering? The Tower my friends, is one of the resort’s selling points. Can we talk about how amazing the view of the lake was from the tower? I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, just marveling at the view. As dusk set in, we made ourselves comfortable at the bar/lounge area within The Tower before retreating to our room a little before midnight, exhausted, but filled with exhilaration. Tomorrow would be another day of RER: Rest Exploration and Relaxation.

Episode II is here

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