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Vintage, Bold, and Striped

September 7, 2016

This post has been a long time coming. I was meant to upload it over the weekend, but Labor Day weekend held me hostage and distracted me from my blogging duties. Speaking of good times, I can’t wait to tell you all about what I got up to over the long weekend. The 411 will be coming soon to a screen near you. But now, back to our regular scheduled programming…

If you’ve studied my style thus far, you know I am all about that classy-chic vibe. Pencil skirts top my list of must-haves for pulling off a well put together look. I’m usually a tad leery about wearing horizontal striped skirts because I’ve subscribed to the ‘horizontal stripes make you look wider’ school of thought for as long as I can remember. I decided to live a little and took on a style risk. Now see I’m naturally  hippy (not the 1970’s era type of hippy) i.e I have a curvy bottom half, so daring to risk appearing even ‘hippier’ yes, I totally made up that word was quite the feat. Thankfully this particular skirt worked in my favor, and I pulled off the look I was going for.


The high waist of this skirt is definitely a plus.  I’ve done extensive research (read tried on every skirt/pair of shorts and pants in my closet)  and I’ve learned that high waist skirts/shorts/pants have the lovely effect of cinching one’s waist for an amazing hour glass shape. I totally love that it is a body conscious skirt made of a stretchy material, making it comfortable to wear.  It sure is nice not to feel like an unbaked Pillsbury croissant squeezed into a can, ready to burst through the minute the lid is twisted open.  I love that I can breathe in this skirt-because passing out in the name of slayage is not a life goal of mine.



Now let’s talk about this blouse, shall we? I’ve loved ruffles since day one, so you can imagine how ecstatic I am that they are currently a trend. It’s made my life so much easier because I don’t have to rummage through rack after clothing rack searching for vintage-inspired blouses. Pairing this blouse with a pencil skirt gave it that extra ‘oomph’, pushing the overall look to greater slayage heights.



vintage7    vintage8Now let’s talk about shoes and accessories, why don’t we. I kept the shoes simple because the vibrant blue of the blouse and the bold stripes of the skirt were already pretty loud. I chose this affordable pair of pointed toe, soft suedette ankle strap heels from New Look. The wide-fit pair allowed for extra comfort, and trust me, my feet love me for it. To top off the whole look, I had to bring out my gorgeous JORD watch, which I talked about here.



vintage 16vintage 16

All in all, I love that this look is relatively simple, but in the same breath it’s bold and commands attention. This is an outfit I can wear to work, a business meeting, networking event, church etc.  To switch it up you can wear this skirt with a crop top, a tank top, or even a basic t-shirt topped off with a statement necklace. The blouse can be worn with pretty much everything from skirts, to shorts, to denim, to non-denim pants. You will definitely see me mixing and matching in future blog posts. Psssst, commercial break- I’m not one of those bloggers who never wears the same outfit more than once. No bueno. I get a lot of wear out of all my clothes. 


This is where I direct you to where you can purchase your own. Well,  I have good news and bad news today. Let me start off with the bad news so we can end this on a high note. The bad news is that the blouse was custom-made, so I can’t direct you to wear you can find one exactly like it. But the good news is that I would never leave you hanging, so I found a similar selection of blouses for you to choose from. *happy dance*

I absolutely love the wide variety of ruffle front blouses New York and Company has featured lately. Below are a few of my favorites:

Look #1 is only $25!

Look #2 is only $14.78!

Look #3 is only $49.95

Look #4 is also only $49.95

Specific to the pencil skirt, I purchased mine from Forever 21 at a beyond cheap price. You know I’m chairlady of the bargain hunting committee!

You can’t beat the $6 price of this horizontal striped skirt from-you guessed it-Forever 21!

You can find a similar horizontal striped skirt here

You can find a skirt that gives you the best of both vertical and horizontal striped worlds here

Happy shopping!

Now go forth and be dapper. 🙂


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