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Wrapped Up and Bell Sleeved

May 20, 2017

Close your eyes, take small deep breaths, and imagine what it would be like to live in a world without color. Bleh! Can you say major yawn fest! Colors make my heart sing, my thumbs twiddle and my feet twirl!  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m the quintessential girly girl; a title synonymous with the ultra-girly color pink. It’s top on the list of my favorite colors. If it was age appropriate, I’d be surrounded by all things pink- but my Barbie doll days are behind me. *giggle* It should, therefore, come as no surprise that I was drawn to this gorgeous pink wrap blouse as I was browsing the Make Me Chic website.

The bell-sleeve and wrap style combination is one sent from fashion nirvana! Wrap styles generally conceal a multitude of flaws. Ate too much at dinner with your hot date, and now you’re pregnant with a food baby? No worries, wrap top to the rescue!  The V-neckline, although flattering, is a tad plunging; therefore, I chose to secure mine with a brooch for the sake of decency (lol). Instead of a brooch, you could opt to wear a light camisole or bralette inside as this top does not have buttons. Your modesty in this top depends on how securely you wrap it around your torso. Let’s not have any “wardrobe malfunctions, ok? I will not be held responsible for any indecent exposure. *chuckle*

This is a blouse that can be paired with all manner of pieces like jeans, slacks, pencil skirts or shorts. I’d recommend wearing it with a bottom that is form-fitting to balance out your silhouette. I don’t think it would be flattering to pair this top with an A-line skirt or loose fitting bottoms e.g palazzo pants or culottes. That being said, it still offers versatility as it can be worn to all manner of places, e.g. work, church, brunch, lunch, dinner, you name it… I love the versatility it offers by way of styling options. This time around, I chose to pair it with light wash skinny jeans. I completed the look with blush heels and a gold choker. Simple enough to put together, yes? I’m all about easy outfits, especially so when I’m pressed for time.

I particularly like the lightweight fabric, making it a viable option for our furnace hot Texas summers.  It’s a simple blouse; however, it gives off an air of elegance that I strive for. I’ll add too, that this is one of those blouses that you can wear for several seasons. It’s a classic style given its wrap over nature.

I subscribe to the “sharing is caring” school of thought; therefore, I will share outfit details with you. You’re welcome!

You can get the exact blouse here

You can get similar jeans here

You can get similar shoes here

You can get a similar choker here

Now go forth and be dapper!

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