A Weekend Getaway to Tanglewood Resort


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Disclosure: Tanglewood hosted our stay; however, all opinions shared herein are genuine, our own, and not influenced by any being or brand. 

Welcome aboard another episode of my travel adventures. Grab your popcorn, sit tight and prepare for takeoff to a vicarious experience…

Traveling is a source of pure, unadulterated joy. I look forward to creating new experiences and subsequent memories and most important of all– self-care. If you are a frequent visitor here, you will know that I am a huge proponent of taking time away from the monotony of daily routines to regroup and rejuvenate. Traveling can be the ultimate stress reliever and happiness booster. It was on this quest for a travel escapade that I thought about Tanglewood Resort- again. If you have been reading this blog for a while now, you will know that I previously visited the resort in the summer of 2016. I had such a phenomenal time back then, that I promised myself I would be back to visit.

On that note, a few weeks ago, I embarked on my journey back to a destination that had left an indelible imprint on my travel experience memory bank. Located approximately one hour north of Dallas, Texas, Tanglewood Resort in Pottsboro Texas is a perfect weekend (or beyond) getaway destination. It sits right on Lake Texoma, on the border of Texas and Oklahoma. The latter is pretty much a stone’s throw away!

We arrived at Tanglewood at dusk, narrowly escaping inclement weather conditions in Dallas. The weather in Pottsboro was definitely a welcome change! Pulling up the winding driveway was a scenic sight in itself- It was like driving up to a grand mansion intertwined with the magnificence of nature! We identified a parking spot in close proximity to the main entrance and made our way inside to what would be our home for the weekend. The resort’s check-in process was seamless, with the front desk staff uber friendly and eager to ensure we were set up for a great stay ahead.

We were pleased to learn that our room offered a spectacular view of Lake Texoma at a distance and the resort’s well-manicured grounds in close proximity. Oh, how endearing your presence is, Mother Nature! The room was spacious, bright and airy; perfect for a weekend of rest and relaxation. Just in case we were inclined to work while there, there was a grand desk available, allowing for a conducive work environment if needed. Specific to the rest of the room, I am a sucker for clean lines and simple decor in bathrooms. I was, therefore, pleased when I saw the bathroom. Can you say Pinterest-worthy? Yes, please!


Given the fact that I had been at Tanglewood before, I felt like I was back in my childhood home, rediscovering what had been a hub of memories. I was eager to explore the familiar sights again, further adding to my cache of pleasant experiences. Unfortunately, the weather did not get the memo and was not cooperating- it was frigid. We were, therefore, not able to participate in any outdoor activities. However, we made use of the wide array of indoor amenities offered on site, with the goal of ensuring maximum relaxation and enjoyment. The Spa is one such notable amenity. Here you can enjoy a facial, massage or just unwind in the sauna. One thing is for sure- your body will thank you for the self-care. Also on site is a fully equipped gym.  Hey, just because you are on vacation, does not mean you cannot maintain your workout routine, right?

When the weather permits, nearby recreational activities you can participate in while staying at Tanglewood include the following:

  • Skimming, boating and water skiing on Lake Texoma
  • Hiking at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, which is adjacent to Tanglewood
  • Striper fishing
  • Horseback riding
  • The Extreme Sandbox experience, which lets clients play on construction equipment.

Notably, Tanglewood is in close proximity to an impressive number of local attractions. We made a brief trip to nearby Choctaw Casino in Durant, OK. It was a quick 30-minute road trip that allowed us to see more of the famous Texoma region. We love Tanglewood’s convenient location; it is a close enough drive from major cities like Dallas and Durant, but far enough that you can detach from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.  As you can probably already tell, Tanglewood is the place to be!


For the duration of our weekend stay, we partook in the meals offered at the resort’s dining areas. The Commodore Room, which is their more formal dining area, was our favorite.  Perhaps the all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast had something to do with this? *chuckle* The meals were delectable and tailored to satisfy any palate. Plus, the ambiance was warm and inviting. Did I mention that The Commodore overlooks Lake Texoma too? Dining as we took in the views of the lake was quite the experience!

Barnacles  Sports Bar and Grill is the resort’s casual dining area. It is conveniently located near the swimming pools, allowing for easy access to light bites and drinks as you swim or bask in the sun.  As earlier mentioned, the sun had taken a sabbatical while we were there; therefore, we weren’t able to lounge by the pool.

The Yacht Club is a lounge area where you can enjoy a glass of fine wine and unwind. I loved the semi-casual vibe and the decor. I felt like I had stepped back into time, and almost expected Frank Sinatra to emerge from the woodwork and belt out one of his famous hits. Take me back!

The Tower Lounge, open on select evenings, is in my opinion, one of the highlights of the resort. It is a vantage point, offering spectacular panoramic birds-eye views of Lake Texoma. The view is breathtakingly beautiful! The last time I visited, I was able to go up a spiral staircase to the observatory; however, this time around, I was disappointed to learn that it was closed off to visitors. *sigh*. All in all, the Tower Lounge still boasts a fully stocked bar, and a DJ on select weekends, churning an impressive playlist.

Interesting Fact: The interior of the resort was intentionally created to resemble the interior of a ship. I absolutely loved the nautical theme! 

The resort is a perfect place for a dreamy event. Given the stunning natural backdrops, we think it would make a great wedding venue. If you are in the market for a wedding destination location, Tanglewood has you covered! Can you imagine nuptials while overlooking the lake? *Swoon*   Note that it is also a great location for family reunions and other get-togethers.

Tip: For larger groups, Tanglewood has villas on site for rent. Guests have access to all the amenities offered at the resort. 

We had a fun-filled, relaxing weekend at the resort; however, as always, all good things must come to an end.  Faster than the speed of light, our Tanglewood stay had drawn to a close. Fortunately, we knew that it was not goodbye; it was a  “see you later, Tanglewood.” We will be back! Thank you for a memorable stay, Tanglewood staff. We appreciate you all.









23 thoughts on “A Weekend Getaway to Tanglewood Resort”

  1. I love to travel and places like this always catch my eye. I love all the photos too because it gives me the opportunity to see it as well as read about it. Putting this one on the travel list!!

    • I am glad to hear that the post has inspired you to add Tanglewood to your visit list!

  2. Wow this place looks amazing ! I like the very spacious & uniquely decorated room which seems really comfortable (big bed, crisp white sheets, fluffy pillows)… and additionally a lovely view a spectacular view of Lake Texoma ! I’m sure you’ve enjoyed your relaxing weekend at the resort 😉

    • Yes, the whole setup was perfect for rest and relaxation. We enjoyed ourselves immensely.

  3. what a lovely resort! You know what? I could really use some days off to relax and unwind at a gorgeous place like that! With all the deadlines and the work piling up, I really do daydream about spa days and breakfasts on the bed of a lovely hotel!

    • I must admit I was super well rested after the weekend getaway to Tanglewood. Taking time off was much needed!

  4. This getaway looks so nice! I hope you both had a wonderful time!

  5. What a beautiful looking place. I love the interior decor a lot. And the food looks yummy.

    • It was an absolutely spectacular experience!

  6. Oh nothing like a stay at a new hotel! I don’t know about you, but my favourite part is always the food and the free soaps and lotions. I find it so interesting how every hotel always has a different line of products. And of course the room is lovely!

    • You are just like me lol. I love discovering the hotel-specific lotions, shampoos etc. Yes, the room was beautiful!

  7. Such a lovely setting at the resort. I would love to visit sometime. Glad you had a great time.

    • Yes, we had a really great time!

  8. It’s such a luxurious place to spend weekend. You seemed to enjoy your stay here 🙂

    • It is truly a breathtakingly beautiful resort!

  9. This looks like a great spot, have only ever been to Austin in Texas, but would love to see another city

    • Texas has a ton of lovely cities. You should totally visit Pottsboro if you can.

  10. Your accommodation looks gorgeous and relaxing! You enjoyed everything and that is important 🙂

    • Yes, we totally enjoyed the whole experience!

  11. What a fun place to visit. I’m always looking for weekend getaways in Texas for when we visit family.

    • It was a ton of fun! Far enough from home for a break, but close enough to get back in a jiffy. We had a great time!


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