Engaged? 3 Main Things to Consider When Wedding Planning


Howdy, friends! Did you know that a whopping 37% of engagements happen between November and February (Between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day?) It’s safe to say that romance is in the air! If you don’t already know, we recently got married, and we’re still basking in the glory of post-wedding bliss. Given our own experience with wedding planning single-handedly, and without breaking the bank, we’re here to share our 2 cents of advice.

Welcome to the beginning of our Wedding Series!

This segment will be a dedicated space to share wedding planning tips, wedding resources, and best practices that we learned during our wedding planning process. This is for you if you’re engaged, know someone who is engaged, or plan to be engaged in the future. Long story short, this series is for anyone who has any inkling of interest in the process of wedding planning. If you are struggling with where to start when planning a wedding, it is our hope that you will find the information we share useful. Especially so if planning the wedding of your dreams on a budget is the goal.

Our Story

When preparing to embark on our journey through the uncharted waters of wedding planning, we were bombarded by mounds of information. However, we were clear about the steps to take when planning OUR wedding, OUR way. We knew we wanted to plan a celebratory day that would invoke pleasant memories for decades to come. However, we were not going to allow an epic wedding day to leave us with empty bank accounts after the fact. We were all too aware of how easy it is to get sucked into the vortex of unchecked wedding spending. It’s no coincidence that the wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar one!

The 3 V’s

Yes, your wedding day will be one of the most iconic moments of your lifetime. Yes, you are probably tempted to throw all monetary caution to the wind and ride the exhilarating wave of wedding sugar and spice and all things nice. But wait… don’t go in without a solid plan. You need a plan!

Allow us to introduce you to the 3 V’s: Vision, Venue, and Vendors. These 3 categories were the foundation upon which we laid our wedding planning process.


This is what we wanted our wedding day, (and the season leading up to it), to look like. This covered everything from our wedding style to the guest experience and everything in between. The bottom line was that we wanted our special day to be a reflection of our unique desires, oblivious to external hype and/or expectations.

Photography by Lavishly Lux Studio


We knew that our venue choice was an important decision to make, primarily because it would be the base for the creation of memorable moments. We chose The Luminaire in Montgomery, Texas because of its unique, awe-inspiring qualities. In a region known for mostly rustic-style wedding venues, The Luminaire stands out for being the epitome of effortless elegance and splendor. We found the perfect setup for the transformation of our wedding dreams into reality. Our wedding venue was in alignment with our wedding vision. Score!

Photography by Lavishly Lux Studio


This was the final piece that would weave our wedding plan into a beautiful tapestry of significant moments. We knew that our vendors would serve as a key component in the success of our big day, including connecting our vision to our venue. Some of our vendors included a DJ, MC, hair and makeup artists, photo booth, flower wall, caterer, photographer and videographers. Of notable mention is our powerhouse team of photographers and videographers: Lavishly Lux Studios. Armed with an artistic eye and a penchant for capturing beautiful iconic moments, they played a vital role in immortalizing our wedding vision turned reality.

Photography by Lavishly Lux Studio

Now, it’s your turn…

You didn’t think this post was all about us, did you? As promised, we aim to provide value as you embark on your wedding planning process. We created a FREE downloadable wedding planning template just for you. It is our hope that you will find it useful, and it will help eliminate some of your wedding planning stressors.

Click on the image below to access the guide.

Happy planning, friends! Stay tuned for the next segment of our Wedding Series.

P.S. The following are our venue and photographer/videographer details. We highly recommend them!


The Luminaire

Address: 495 S Pine Lake Montgomery, TX 77356

Email: [email protected]




Photography and Videography

Lavishly Lux Studio

Phone number: (682) 777-2553




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