Get Ready to Shine with Vanity Fair Lingerie


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It’s hard to believe that 2017 is coming to a close; however, the end of the year brings with it some exciting times. The holidays are well underway, with Thanksgiving and Christmas behind us, and the New Year less than a week away. The holiday season is a great time to shower your loved ones with gifts, as a token of your appreciation of, and love for them. Let it be known that gift-giving is not limited to focusing on others. Rather, this is the perfect time to pamper and treat yourself as well. Remember, self-care is uber important.

Speaking of gifts, Santa made an amazing Christmas delivery to my neck of the woods. I received a lovely package from Vanity Fair Lingerie that was the epitome of perfection. I squealed with excitement when I locked eyes on the box of goodies. I was bouncing off the walls with joy, eager to get my hands on the treasure that lay within the well-wrapped package. Gifts! Oh, how I love thee!

After a brief period of admiring the intricate details of the packaging, I hurriedly unraveled the ribbon, eager to reveal the contents within. Faster than the speed of light, I was finally in direct contact with the highly coveted, recently launched Flattering Lace Bralette by Vanity Fair lingerie. As you may well know, for almost a century, Vanity Fair has been the go-to brand for high-quality, sophisticated women’s intimate apparel.  Known for undeniable support, comfort and style, Vanity Fair lingerie is both on trend, yet perfect under any look.

The Flattering  Lace Bralette definitely lives up to the high standards set by other Vanity Fair collections. It is functional as it is chic. It is soft, feminine and exudes an alluring flair. What is a bralette you might be wondering? Simply put, It is a wire-free version of a bra with elegant meant-to-be  seen details.

The back view of the bralette and briefs

The positive impact of self-confidence cannot be stressed enough. When you feel good about yourself, it transcends across all facets of your life. The often-spoken adage ‘when you look good, you feel good’ is spot on. Truth be told, what you wear on the inside, plays a significant role in how your outer clothing sits on you. The right intimate apparel ensures that you feel comfortable, plus, your clothes will look better on you as well.

The lace detail on the Flattering Lace Bralette and matching briefs was a major win for me. It makes for a chic vibe that radiates ultra femininity. The fabric is lightweight and airy making it comfortable to wear in any weather season. Together, the bralette and briefs are a classy pair, and speak to dainty femininity.

I know I already mentioned this; however, let me reiterate: The bralette’s lace inserts and overlays are absolutely stunning. Another major selling point for me is the fact that the bralette provides support and definition without a wire, plus, the cups have light padding for a great silhouette.  The straps are adjustable for a custom fit, offering luxurious comfort.

The matching panty, the Flattering Lace Hip Brief has a flattering silhouette without the often-dreaded visible panty line. This is made possible by the flat seams. It matches perfectly with the flattering lace bralette.

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of Vanity Fair lingerie. It is one of those gifts that will be remembered for many moons to come.  The Flattering Bralette and matching briefs would make a lovely gift for yourself, or any special lady in your life, as the sizes range from small to 2XL. Additionally, there is a diverse range of colors to choose from.

Good news: There is currently an online sale at Vanity Fair, with a whopping 25% off sitewide! Now that’s what I call a sweet deal!

Shop the bralette here:

Shop the briefs here: 

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays, friends!

16 thoughts on “Get Ready to Shine with Vanity Fair Lingerie”

  1. This is EVERYTHING! I love everything lace at this moment. And where did you get your tan heels from?!?!?!! It’s adorbs!!!!!! 😍

    • Awww high five my fellow lace fan! It’s one of my favorite fabrics too. Thank you for the compliment. I got the heels a few seasons ago, and I never let go of them since lol. I’ll search and see if they are available for sale. If they are, I’ll share the link with you.

  2. I be well made lingerie and wish I could have a new set for every day if the year really. The color of his set is really beautiful.

    • Yes, Vanity Fair intimate apparel is well made and stylish. I’ll definitely be purchasing more. 🙂

  3. That lingerie does look absolutely beautiful. I can see why you were so excited about it. It’s just simple and beautiful as well as a gorgeous color.

    • Yes, indeed! Everything from the color to the design is a win in my books.

  4. Love the colour as well as the style, very chic and sexy! Simply stunning!

    • I agree, it’s definitely a current favorite of mine.

  5. I loved the delicate lacework on this lingerie. It looks neat, comfy and creates a signature style!

    • Yes, its dainty femininity was a major selling point for me too.

  6. I would have a hard time unwrapping this because the wrapping is so stunning. That being said that lingerie color is stunning.

  7. Ha, here from yahoo, this is what i was searching for.

  8. This does interest me


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