Introducing The His & Hers Series!


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Howdy there! *insert southern drawl* It’s an exciting day out here in these Afrostylicity parts; today marks the unveiling of a new venture. What better way to start a new month, right? What am I rambling about, you might be wondering? Grab a beverage, get comfortable, and prepare for the grand reveal…

Backstory:  Prior to breaking into the blogosphere, I enjoyed sharing my personal style, beauty finds and travel experiences with my then small circle of social media followers. The reception was highly positive, especially so in regards to my sense of style.  I would frequently answer a ton of questions about where I got my outfits and the best places to score shopping deals. I eventually had a “light bulb” moment and decided to create a forum through which I could share all the aforementioned with other women. This was how Afrostylicity was birthed. It was a labor of love, and continues to be a sustained passion, and source of absolute delight!  I launched Afrostylicity in May 2016 as a platform to connect with other women passionate about fashion, beauty, travel, and overall lifestyle topics of interest.

Over the past few months, I have been bombarded by inquiries about my thoughts regarding infusing male energy into Afrostylicity.  “Will you showcase menswear?…Can you feature male bloggers?” I can’t count how many times I have responded to such queries. I’ll admit that initially, I was leery about including a men’s section to Afrostylicity. This was mainly because I wasn’t quite sure how I would execute the undertaking. However, after a period of deliberation and intense analysis, I realized the value that incorporating a men’s section within the Afostylicity brand would bring.  A central location to feature his and hers fashion, his and hers perspectives on travel and experiences; and his and hers lifestyle? Yes, please!

Present Story: This is the official press release to announce the expansion of the Afrostylicity brand. *drum roll* (Why am I so extra though? lol) Due to public demand, Afrostylicity has expanded to include a male perspective. I present to you–Mr. Afrostylicity! *chuckle* Here’s what he had to say:

“Thank you for stopping by and giving your full and hopefully undivided attention. It’s an honor to be graced with thy presence. My excitement about being a part of the Afrostylicity brand is beyond measure! What am I bringing to the table? I bring with me a love for fashion, travel, technology, and I look forward to sharing a male’s perspective on each. In regards to my style, as an ambitious gentleman, a sleek, dapper, executive style is firmly rooted in my DNA! As a fashion alchemist, my goal is to serve as a source of style inspiration. ”

“I’ll take a brief moment to debut my style. In this picture, I am wearing a sky blue, 1MX, extra slim fit Express cotton button down shirt. I’m a fan of the shirt because of the fit, fabric and its overall high quality. An added plus was the fact that I did not have to spend additional money to get it tailored. It fit perfectly, straight off the rack!


If you like the look and would like to execute it, see the  links below:

The shirt can be found here

The pants can be found here

The belt can be found here. FYI – that belt sold out pretty quick when I bought it.

The dress shoes can be found here

Now that you have the code, move strategically and execute the look!

So there you have it, the male face of Afrostylicity has officially been introduced!  For those worried about Afrostylicity evolving into an unrecognizable platform, I assure you that will not happen. I can categorically state that this is merely an expansion, not a complete overhaul. Think of it as adding a new wing to an already beautiful home. Specific to what to expect over the next few weeks: there will be a recurring His and Hers section covering fashion, lifestyle and travel experiences. You will be exposed to male and female perspectives in regards to the aforementioned, that will be insightful, informative, and innovative. Buckle up, you’re in for an exciting ride!

Strategic partnership is based on a shared set of values. -Benigno Aquino III

P.S My outfit details will be in a separate, upcoming post. Stay tuned! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Introducing The His & Hers Series!”

  1. I am looking forward to more his and hers posts. My boyfriend could use some help lol!

    • Lol send him right over here. There will be plenty of style inspiration for him.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing the menswear. Good call!

    • I appreciate your support!


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