It’s Simple; Be Good To People.


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It is not often that you come into contact with a brand that is in perfect alignment with your own personal belief system and values. It is not often that a brand sells a message that is ultimately simple, yet profound. It is not often that one identifies a brand whose ethos is powerfully transformative and positively impactful. Truth be told, Be Good To People is all of the aforementioned and then some.

Kris Wittenburg, the founder of Be Good To People, launched the brand after an unfortunate incident with a discourteous individual. She walked away from that encounter with a simple statement- ‘Why can’t we just be good to each other? This marked a turning point in her life and subsequently, the dissemination of a kindness movement that has completely changed the social consciousness landscape. Be Good To People has literally been good to people!

In a world that can sometimes be dark, choose to be an illuminating light to everyone you encounter. In the midst of what seems to be an avalanche of negativity and catastrophic events, choose to be an agent of positivity. Armed with kindness, we can chip away at the boulders of unkindness. Opt to be a propagator of all that is good by taking on the modus operandi of being kind always and in all ways. An action as basic as being good to people could possibly soften even the hardest of hearts or the toughest of exteriors. Though it may oft be difficult to spread kindness, do not tie your kindness to the expectation of reciprocation. Truth be told, you will encounter people who will not extend the same kindness to you that you do them. Don’t even worry about it; move forward with your mission to spread as much kindness as you possibly can in your lifetime. Be good to people: four simple words, but together they pack a pacifist, kindness-infused punch.

The Be Good To People brand has a wide selection of apparel and lifestyle accessories to choose from. Each item on sale bears the classic black and white colors and trademark. This is symbolic of the fact that being kind is really simple. We wore our outfits proudly because not only are they absolutely stunning, they have an added selling point of sharing a compelling message.

The Legacy Good Hoodie is a casual piece that is a sight for sore eyes. The black color allows for versatility, making it possible to pair it with a wide array of colors. The fabric is heavy enough to wear layered in these cooler months, or unlayered when the weather warms up some. It fits true to size and is made of high-quality fabric.

The baseball shirt is perfect for everything from casual to semi-casual events. Think casual Friday at work, or a sporting event like a baseball game. The fabric is lightweight, breathable and made of high-quality cotton.

The baseball cap has an adjustable strap allowing for a comfortable fit. The Be Good To People name is on the front, and the website link is at the back, allowing for people to quickly find out more about the brand.

The fitted long sleeve tee is as versatile as it is stylish. I can see myself pairing it with everything from shorts, skirts and everything in between. The fabric is lightweight, allowing for wear even in warmer months. I chose to pair it with a pair of black denim pants, and over the knee boots for a simple but chic look. It’s a comfortable fit and is, therefore, a shirt that I will wear repeatedly this year.


In upcoming weeks, we will be showcasing a wide array of  products from the awe-inspiring, game-changing Be Good To People Brand. Stay tuned for more details.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Be Good To People; however, all opinions shared herein are my own, genuine, and are not influenced by any being or brand.

You can shop the products in this post below. Plus, use the code ‘AFROSTYLE’ and get 15% off your order. Now, that’s what I call a sweet deal!

Hoodie: Legacy Good Hoodie

Baseball Tee:  classic baseball tee

Long Sleeve Tee:  classic long sleeve fitted tee 

Baseball Cap: classic unstructured baseball cap 

I encourage you to join the movement. Hop onto the kindness train and help others to embark upon the ‘Be Good To People’ journey too.That’s all folks! Now, go forth and be dapper! 🙂


6 thoughts on “It’s Simple; Be Good To People.”

  1. Keeping it simple and classy. Be good is to easy not to follow and put into practice everyday. I read shirts everyday when there’s a slogan on them and this is a great slogan everyone should be wearing!

    • Yes, it’s definitely a great mantra to live by!

  2. This is pretty much my main motto in life. As long as you’re good to peple, others will be good to you as well. I love this brand, might look into getting myself a couple shirts.

    • That’s awesome; I’m glad to hear that. Being nice to people is so rewarding!

  3. Be good to people as such a wonderful way to live and I wish more people practice this

    • Yes, it’s a great mantra to live by.


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