Warm greetings, friends! Welcome to Afrostylicity’s slice of the larger-than-life virtual pie! My name is Joy and I endeavor to spread joy. It sounds cliché, but truer words have never been spoken. I am passionate about sharing what ignites joy in me, in the hopes of positively impacting lives.

I have an undying love for all things travel, and lifestyle. This is why in May 2016, after years of being bombarded with questions about how I was able to travel so much, products and services recommendations, etc., I saw fit to carve an online space where all the never-ending questions could be addressed.  Afrostylicity was birthed and with it a reality that I never would have imagined!

Initially catering to a primarily female audience, it soon became apparent that there was a need for content that was inclusive of guys too. Cue the entrance of my husband Hugh—together, we are partners in life and business.  One of our unique selling points as a brand, is our duality, making it possible to offer unique male and female perspectives.

Here at Afrostylicity, we showcase products, services, and experiences that we can genuinely vouch for. These fall within the niches of travel, fashion, and lifestyle, that we genuinely love and can vouch for.  We consider ourselves explorers of sorts. We go forth into the world, unearth hidden gems, and acquire experiences. Then we come back and report our findings by sharing authentic reviews, helpful tips, and recommendations.

Afrostylicity’s mission is to spark joy and inspire YOU to live your best full and fulfilled life. Welcome aboard the Afrostylicity train—we hope your life will be enriched by it!