Work With Us

We are Joy and Hugh, the friendly faces here at Afrostylicity, where we showcase luxury travel, and lifestyle gems.  The fundamental mission of Afrostylicity is to serve as a bridge between consumers and businesses/brands through the authentic showcasing of products and services.

 We are passionate about establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships with brands and businesses that align with Afrostylicity’s core values, and that fall within the niches of luxury travel and lifestyle.

Services We Offer

  • Afrostylicity X Brand Partnerships on this Blog 
  • Afrostylicity X Brand Partnerships on Social Media
  • Press Trips
  • Photography
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Customized Brand Campaigns
Note that we do not accept guest posting on this site. All content shared is written and published solely by the Afrostylicity team. 

Our media kit (available upon request) has information about our demographics, analytics, and previous partnerships. 

Email us at info@afrostylicity.com