A Unique Getaway With Glamping Hub


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Disclosure: Our glamping getaway was sponsored by Glamping Hub; however, all opinions shared herein are genuine, our own, and are not influenced by any being or brand.

As a  proponent of self-care, I am acutely aware of the impact mental fatigue and burn-out can have on one’s overall well-being. I realize the importance of taking periodic breaks from the hustle and bustle of your regular routine to regroup and rejuvenate. Personally, traveling is a form of self-care that I cherish and look forward to. I carve out getaways into my schedule, ensuring I have a healthy work-life balance. Trust me, you will be a better version of yourself when you take time away to reset.

A fortnight ago, I embarked on what would be a unique getaway, weeks in the making. I set off on this highly anticipated adventure, eager to immerse myself in the glamping experience. You might be wondering what in the world glamping is, yes? To be honest, I was not too familiar with the term until this travel opportunity availed itself.  You see, as a child, the only exposure I had to camping, was when my boy scout brothers had pseudo camping sessions in our backyard. Well, in their defense, at the very least they had tents; however, given their close proximity to our house and all its amenities, they did not exactly have to rough it. Even as a bright-eyed little girl I knew that if I was ever going to participate in any camping-like activity, I would need to have access to basic necessities like sanitation and a homely shelter like my brothers had when they camped. I don’t know about you, but taking bio breaks in the woods is not my cup of tea!

Back to the glamping riddle…

What exactly is glamping? Let’s do some math, why don’t we? Glamour + Camping = Glamping. Bingo!  Essentially, glamping is luxurious camping, complete with the amenities you may find at a hotel or at home. It goes without saying that I was sold on the fact that I would be close enough to nature, without having to sacrifice comfort. It was the perfect combination, in my humble opinion!

The process of selecting a glamping property was seamless thanks to Glamping Hub. They serve as a middleman, so to speak, making the process of connecting guests to hosts uncomplicated. After your booking is confirmed, you can reach out to the host directly with any inquiries you may have about your upcoming stay.

Tidbit: Glamping Hub property rates are affordable and are well worth the experience.

The Glamping Hub website is easy to navigate, with filters that can be narrowed down to your specific criteria, making the process of choosing a location uber simple. The amenities will speak to you based on what type of experience you desire. Are you seeking a secluded getaway? Perhaps, one chock-full of adventure? Whatever your preference, you are guaranteed to identify a property that will meet your needs.  Glamping Hub has more than 30,000 unique destinations in more than 80 countries, offering a plethora of glamping property options that include the following: tree houses, yurts, safari tents, campervans, tipis, domes, eco-pods, nature lodges, caves, barns, huts, igloos, cabins, cabooses, tiny houses, towers, log cabins, cottages, tented cabins, islands (yes, you read that right), caravans, floating properties, and villas. As you can probably tell by now, when you choose to go the Glamping Hub route, you will be spoiled for choice. Your options are limitless!

We are based in Texas; therefore, we wanted a location that was close enough to us for a  quick weekend getaway. Upon further perusal of the Glamping Hub website, we were pleased to learn that they showcase several Texas properties.  After careful consideration, we settled on a winery in Aubrey, TX, For those unfamiliar with the state of Texas, Aubrey is a flourishing city about 1 hour away from Dallas in north Texas. Fortunata Winery would be our glamping weekend destination, and we couldn’t be happier!

Side note: Upon booking confirmation, I realized that I had selected the wrong date. Thankfully, the Glamping Hub support staff were quick on their feet, and happily provide their assistance with updating our reservation. Nothing beats great customer service!

We arrived at the winery on a Friday evening and proceeded to get acquainted with the property. We would be staying at one of the villas on site and would have access to all the amenities on the property, including the winery, and the restaurant within. The draw of the European-like courtyard and the retro- rustic vibe of the rest of the property was alluring. I remember feeling like we had stepped into another time zone, in another magical world. I was floating on air, bursting with excitement, eager to soak in the atmosphere. Conveniently, the winery also doubles as an event venue. We envisioned how the space could be utilized for a host of events like weddings, family reunions, corporate events and so much more. Of note, there was a chapel on site for those interested in exchanging vows at the property.

What is a visit to a winery without commentary about the wine, yes? The wine was second to none, and was definitely a hit among the locals, given the scores of people who would trickle in and partake in the liquid goodness.

Specific to our living arrangements, we had two villas, each with its own one-of-a-kind décor. It was almost as if the design team wanted each villa to have its own story to tell. The first villa has an antique-inspired vibe that I was drawn to. As a lover of retro styles, the décor spoke to me. The second villa had a more contemporary vibe, that I was equally fond of. It felt a lot like contemporary hotels we have stayed at in the past. We didn’t get a chance to tour the other villas as they were occupied by guests; however, we can imagine that the design team paid just as much attention to detail as they had with our villas.

Inside the “antique” villa.

Inside the “Contemporary” Villa

Waking up to the sound of birds chirping, and to the sweet aroma of fresh air was just what we needed to detox from everyday life stress.  Each moment of our stay at the winery was laden with bonding sessions with mother nature in her unadulterated state.

We were only at the winery for two days; however, we made memories that will transcend a lifetime. Being away from the rushed city life was quite a lovely experience. Maximum relaxation was the order of the day!  By the end of the weekend, we were well-rested, reconnected with nature, and ready to take on the work week with a newfound zest.


  • Glamping Hub will send you reminder emails prior to your reservation. They will also send you a follow-up email after the experience, seeking your feedback about your glamping experience. NB. You can earn a gift card to use towards a future stay if you refer your friends.
  •  Glamping Hub has properties within the United States, and internationally.
  • Be aware of the property host’s cancelation policy, and check in/out times. These may vary from host to host.
  • Check the host’s pet policy on the Glamping Hub website prior to booking.

In the future, we would love to seek out more glamping opportunities, with Glamping Hub as our go-to property finder. We hope we have inspired you to consider glamping as an affordable alternative to conventional vacationing. Whatever your glamping needs are, from the ultra-glam to the super adventurous, Glamping Hub has you covered. Check out the website below to make your reservations:


That’s all folks. Now, go forth and explore the world!


5 thoughts on “A Unique Getaway With Glamping Hub”

  1. These photos are just darling! You two are so cute!
    What a perfect setting for a romantic getaway – I’ve been curious about glamping myself. It sounds like it would be right up my alley. I’m glad you had a wonderful time – it sure looks it. 🙂 x

    • Thanks a ton for the lovely compliment. Yes, glamping is a perfect alternative to camping, if you ask me lol. We had a blast!

  2. Just love the environment at Glamping Hub, love the place and the winery looks amazing! Hope you had an amazing time, you two look so stylish and good together. 🙂

    • Yes, we had such a phenomenal experience! Thank you for the lovely compliment as well. 🙂


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