10 best tips for Traveling on a Budget in 2024

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Are you wondering how you can pull off traveling on a budget this year?  If you think exploring the world is expensive, we’ve got good news for you — it does not have to be!

Welcome to our budget travel tips guide. Here, we will share money-saving tips and show you how your next trip can be phenomenal without breaking the bank. 

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Traveling on a Budget: Destinations

1. Choose Budget-Friendly Destinations

Finding cheap places to travel is a great plan to have for anyone on a tight budget.

For example, destinations in North America and Western Europe are on many bucket lists; however, the average cost of travel there may be considerably expensive.

Comparatively, countries in Eastern Europe, Central America, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, etc., are equally great places to visit. These destinations offer extraordinary experiences at lower prices. 

Tip: Use online travel guides like Trip Advisor to identify the best places at affordable rates. 

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Traveling on a Budget: Timing 

2. Consider Off-Season Travel 

As a budget traveler, the time of year you choose to travel will impact the cost. To that end, the best time to travel and save a lot of money is when most tourists have gone home. This is known as the shoulder season (off-high season).

During the shoulder season, you will get better deals on flights, hotel rooms, or vacation rentals, and major attractions will be less crowded. 

Traveling on a Budget: Flights

3. Fly Smart With the Cheapest Flights 

Booking airline tickets directly with budget airlines is a great way to save money.

Insider Tip: If you book a Spirit Airlines flight at the airport ticket counter, you will pay significantly less for your ticket.

Alternatively, searching on travel portals like Google Flights may be the best way to lock down cheap flights. This is true not only for domestic flights but international flights as well. 

cheap flights are a great way to save money when planning to travel to an intended destination

You can save even more and avoid expensive flights if your travel dates are flexible, and you can hop on last-minute deals. 

Additionally, flights from small towns may be more expensive. Therefore, if you live near big cities, consider flying out of them as a way to save money.

Traveling on a Budget: Accommodations

4. Identify Affordable Accommodation

From low-cost hostels to bargain hotels, budget-conscious travelers have many options.

Booking platforms offering hotels at the cheapest price can help you find great rates. 

Also, consider accommodations with free breakfast to save on food expenses.

budget travelers taking advantage of  free accommodation while house sitting in small towns

Traveling on a Budget: Packing

5. Save Money on Baggage

Baggage costs can add up. Therefore, as a budget traveler, you can save even more money when you pack light and don’t check bags.

Traveling on a Budget: Food and Drinks

6. Eat More for Less 

One of the best things about traveling is trying the local cuisine. The great thing about this is you don’t have to spend too much money to do so!

Opt for street food or dine at local restaurants. Either one is a great option to experience authentic flavors. 

Alternatively, if you are staying at a vacation rental, you could cook your own meals.

Traveling on a Budget: Transportation 

7. Save Money by Getting Creative With Transportation 

If you’re planning a road trip to your destination, carve out time to research car rentals with the best deals. 

Use public transportation instead of a rental car to save on transportation costs while at your vacation spot. Many countries have a reliable public transport system.

explorers using public transportation when abroad as a way to save money compared to renting a car

Traveling on a Budget: Entertainment 

8. Find Free Things to Do and Low-Cost Attractions and Experiences

Many major cities offer free walking tours – a great way to learn more about a place.

National parks and state parks may offer free or low-cost activities to add to your itinerary. 

Skip the expensive tours to fully immerse in local culture without spending as much money. Opt for activities like exploring local markets or taking day trips to nearby towns. This can often be a cheaper option than mainstream tourist activities.

If you are drawn to off-the-beaten-path exploration, you may be able to hire the services of a local guide at an affordable rate.

affordable experience while house sitting for a free place

Traveling on a Budget: Travel Hacking

9. Budget Travelers Travel Hack to Save More

One of our top tips for budget travelers (United States-based) is to ditch the debit card and use travel credit cards.

Travel reward credit cards offer sign-up bonuses, as well as ongoing bonus points for everyday purchases. These points can then be used for hotel stays, free flights, free upgrades, or even rental cars, thereby lowering your overall travel budget.

Additionally, you can purchase travel gift cards and other discount cards from Sam’s Club stores

You can also save AND earn money for travel through cashback with tools such as Rakuten.

Tip: Use our Rakuten referral link to earn $30.

Traveling on a Budget: Budget Management

10. Stick to Your Travel Budget

Maintaining a travel budget is essential. As part of your pre-trip planning, consider setting aside money in a high-yielding savings account specifically for your travel fund. 

When you commence travel, use apps like Trabee Pocket to track your travel expenses.

Traveling on a Budget: Insurance and Safety

11. Have an Insurance and Safety Plan

It is always a good idea to invest in travel insurance as well as medical insurance. It might seem like an unnecessary extra cost; however, it can save you from the cost of unforeseen impediments to your travel plans. 

learn how to travel on a budget with this guide

The Best Resources for Traveling on a Budget


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Plan the perfect budget travel getaway with Booking.com, which offers an extensive selection of affordable accommodations. These include hotels, homes, apartments, and other unique places to stay.

Additional benefits of using Booking.com include a book now pay later option, no booking fees, best rate guarantee, and 24/7 customer support.

Vacation Rentals

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Travel By Bus

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Travel By Car

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Experience the world with Viator, which offers unforgettable activities in 200 countries.

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Travel Insurance

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You can also customize your coverage with add-ons like adventure sports and car rental protection. With Faye, you can enjoy fast, efficient claims resolution and travel with peace of mind!

Traveling on a Budget: Final Words About Saving Money

In conclusion, embracing these budget-friendly strategies to save on travel costs isn’t just a good idea; it’s a smart way to make your dream trip a reality.  

The best thing about travel is the experiences and memories you create. Well, now you can without spending a fortune! So, start plotting your next adventure, and remember, the world is yours to explore affordably!

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