How to Use Dosh App to Earn Travel Cashback

dosh app for travel cashback

Last updated on January 17th, 2023 at 02:47 am

Dosh app has risen in the ranks to become one of the most popular cashback apps on the market. It is an innovative mobile app that affords users the opportunity to earn money back on in-store and online purchases and even travel! In this Dosh app review, we share everything you need to know about it, especially how you can use it to earn cash back on travel! 

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What is Dosh App? 

Dosh is a free app for Android and IOS users. It offers automatic rewards via cash back and unique opportunities to save money on in-store and online shopping. 

Some cashback apps require you to take a photo of your receipt. Comparatively, with Dosh, you quickly earn automatic cash rewards on eligible purchases. 

How Dosh Works

The Dosh cash back app provides an incredibly easy way to earn cash back (basically, free money) on everyday purchases. This is via online shopping or in-store at participating merchants such as the grocery store, local businesses, local restaurants, retail stores, and even hotel stays.

In a nutshell, cashback offers are available for every qualifying purchase from various popular brands and major retailers.

Dosh offers cash back at places you typically shop at.

When you connect your credit or debit cards to your Dosh account, you can access card-linked offers. Subsequently, you will earn cashback on eligible debit and credit card purchases online or with in-store offers. 

How to Use Dosh App

Before you start shopping, the first step is to download Dosh from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Then, you will create your free Dosh account to start earning free cash.

Note that you will earn cash when you pay for items with your linked credit or debit card at a participating Dosh merchant. 

Earn automatic cash back with Dosh when you pay with your linked card at places that you regularly shop

Dosh app offers different ways to earn real cash back via available offers on online and in-store purchases. The following are ways you can find offers within Dosh’s online portal. 

1. Categories

You can search Dosh cash back offers within the app by categories such as grocery, restaurants and bars, shopping, office supplies, health and beauty, and more. For local offers, Dosh will pull up participating stores near you. 

There is a frequently updated Featured Offers section that will alert you of the latest opportunities to earn extra cashback. It is a convenient way to get more money back in your pocket! 

3. Collections

You can shop for eligible cashback products by collections. For context, you can easily find eligible cashback products that have been organized by collections. These include clothing and fashion, subscription and delivery; pet supplies; shoes and accessories; beauty and skincare; health and fitness; as well as travel essentials. 

4. Favorites 

There is an option to create a folder with your favorite brands for easier access. 

Keep extra cash in your pocket and earn automatic cash back with dosh cashback app

Dosh Cash Back App for Travel

The opportunity to earn up to  40% cash back on over 600,000 hotels worldwide is one of the great things about the Dosh app!  

Booking hotels with your linked cards in the Dosh app earns you cash back pay to your dosh wallet that you can transfer to bank account thanks to automatic cash back opportunities.

 For all hotel bookings, you can sort and filter hotels by cost, distance, Dosh recommendations, star rating, amenities, and hotels that will earn you the most cash-back opportunities.

Pay for Hotel bookings with your linked credit or debit card and earn dosh app cashback that will appear in your dosh wallet

Note that you can search for hotels via the web version of Dosh; however, you can only book hotels via the app. 

Your cashback from your hotel booking will be paid out approximately 30 days after your checkout date. 

Dosh App Payments

Dosh Wallet

As you accumulate cashback, you can track your Dosh balance in your Dosh wallet. 

Minimum Balance

There is a $15 minimum balance requirement before you can withdraw your cashback.

Payment Options

You have the option of donating your cash earned to a charity or transferring it to your account. 

If you opt for transfer to your account, payment will be to your Venmo account, transfer to your Paypal account, or direct deposit into your bank account (financial institution). 

Dosh App Tips

  • When you access brand cashback offers within the app, you will be led to the brand’s website to complete your purchase. 
  • At this time, you can link Visa debit and credit cards, MasterCard debit and credit cards, and American Express debit and credit cards to your Dosh account. 
  • For in-store purchases with your Dosh-linked debit cards, you must choose payment as credit at checkout. This will ensure that your cash-back offer is activated. 
  • Promo codes may be available to save extra money. However, note that if they are obtained from sources other than the Dosh app, your cashback may be deactivated. 
  • If you choose to donate your Dosh earnings to a charity, it will be tax deductible.
  • How much cash back you earn with Dosh depends on the participating store, product, or service. Note that brands often run promotions during which you can earn more money back for a limited time. 

Is Dosh App Safe to Use?

Yes, Dosh is a safe and secure app to use. Your personal information, debit card information, credit card information, and other sensitive data are kept secure with bank-level security.

All information is sent over a 256-bit encryption network. This ensures that only the intended recipient has access to the data.

So, is Dosh Legit? 

To conclude, if you are still wondering if the Dosh app is legit, we can attest to the fact that it is! As far as cash-back apps go, Dosh is certainly a great option. It is one of our favorite apps to earn cashback rewards, majorly because of the simplicity of the process. The fact that we do not have to go through the tedious process of having to scan receipts is a win in our books!

Finally, If, like us, earning cash while shopping online is your goal, then the Dosh cash back app is the way to go! 

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Other Apps Like Dosh

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