SAFE TRAVEL: 21 Important Hotel Safety Tips

Stay safe in hotels

Last updated on September 6th, 2022 at 11:24 pm

Hotel safety tips are an important aspect of the travel experience. Personally, safety while traveling is always high on our priority list, more so when staying at hotels. We would like to believe that hotels are always safe havens; unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case at all times. Criminals can target hotels under the assumption that travelers are easy prey. While hotels have made strides towards prioritizing guest safety, you as a traveler should still be proactive about your personal safety. The following are important hotel safety tips and steps that you can take to feel safer during hotel stays, and for overall peace of mind when traveling. 

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Hotel Safety Tips Before Booking

1.Do your due diligence and thoroughly research the hotel you are considering booking. Use Google Street View to virtually scan the area where the hotel is located. Additionally, read reviews about the hotel, and pay particular attention to any mention of the hotel’s safety (or lack thereof).

Hotel Safety Tips at Check-In 

2. Don’t let your luggage out of your sight while in the hotel lobby and other public spaces within the hotel.

3. If available, request a room on higher floors of the hotel. Avoid hotel rooms on the ground floor as it can be easier for intruders to gain unauthorized access to your hotel room. 

4. Do not place your credit card face up at the front desk, while checking in. It can be easy for someone to quickly snap a photo of the credit card number.

5. Ask the front desk staff to write down your room number and not announce it out loud during check-in.

6. Take your room key card out of the key card pocket that the front desk hotel staff hands to you at check-in. This is because if you lose your room key card while it is still in the key card pocket, someone can easily gain access to your room as the room number will be on the key card pocket. Whereas if just the room key card is lost, they will be unable to figure out what hotel room it is associated with.  

7. Request the hotel’s business card and keep it with you so that you can quickly access the hotel’s physical address and phone number in case of an emergency.

8. It is a good idea to ask the front desk personnel about the best way to contact hotel security, in case you need to during your stay. Also, ask about the security measures taken to keep hotel guests safe.

Hotel Room Safety Tips

9. Always knock before entering your hotel room for the first time. Yes, you have a room access card issued by the front desk; however, there could be a situation where a hotel room has been inadvertently double-booked. Or perhaps the previous guest has not checked out yet. The last thing you want is to startle a guest in the hotel room and cause them to act in self-defense. Knock first to keep yourself safe

10. Turn on all lights and thoroughly inspect the hotel room. Check behind curtains, under the bed, behind doors, the bathroom, etc. Scan the room for any hidden cameras. 

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11. Ensure your hotel room door closes completely. Use the door chain/ door lock at all times. This will prevent people from inadvertently accessing your room (e.g by housekeeping, or if the hotel has double-booked your room) 

Alternatively, you can purchase travel metal security locks and/or a doorstop for extra safety precautions. 

12. If you travel with valuable items, do not use the hotel safes. These are usually the first places a perpetrator would look, and they can be fairly easy to break into. Keep your valuables in your own travel-friendly safe. 

13. Don’t open your hotel room door to strangers. If you are not expecting room service, housekeeping staff, or other hotel employees, call the front desk to verify that they have sent someone to your room. 

14. Never provide your personal information over the phone, even if the caller states they are hotel staff. Make your way to the front desk and confirm the legitimacy of any requests for personal information. 

15. Give the illusion of occupancy, even when you are away from your hotel room. Keep the Do Not Disturb Sign on the door and leave the TV playing on low volume.

Hotel safety tips when traveling

Stay Safe While On The Hotel Property 

16. Beware of the hotel Wi-Fi. Hotel Wi-Fi networks are not safe and can be hacked, thereby compromising your personal information. Use a VPN if you must access the hotel Wi-Fi. We use Nord VPN when we travel.

17. Take note of where the nearest emergency exit is, as well as where security cameras are located

18. Avoid using stairwells (unless there is an emergency in the building). Use the elevator. 

19. Try to stay in public areas while exploring the property.

20. If you have a car during your hotel stay, park it in a well-lit area. Don’t leave any valuables in sight. 

Safety Tips at Check Out 

21. Before leaving, inspect your hotel room thoroughly and ensure that you have taken all your personal belongings, and any identifying information. Confirm that boarding passes, luggage tags (from your incoming flight) are not left behind. Your identity can be stolen this way as well. 


In summation, we hope that this list of top hotel safety tips will help you take simple steps to ensure your safety while staying at hotels, as well as set the tone for an overall safe travel experience. If you have any additional tips to share, feel free to leave a comment. We would love to get your input.

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Happy travels and stay safe, friends! 

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