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Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable luxury safari experience? Then, look no further than Sasaab Lodge in the breathtaking Samburu National Reserve in Kenya.

In this travel guide, we share details about the luxury lodge, including what to expect at this East African gem. 

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An Introduction to Sasaab Safari Lodge 

The Sasaab game lodge is the perfect destination for travelers who desire an authentic African safari experience. This is why it is one of the most sought-after luxury safari Kenya destinations.

Sasaab Lodge Location

The Safari Collection owns and operates Sasaab Lodge, located near the Samburu National Reserve in Northern Kenya. The lodge overlooks the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Laikipia Plateau. 

sasaab camp lobby view of the hillside overlooking sundowner rock

How to Get to Sasaab Lodge

The fastest and most convenient way to travel to Sasaab is by air. You can opt for commercial flights or private charters. 

For commercial flights, SafariLink and AirKenya are the two airlines that service the area with daily scheduled flights. You will depart from Kenya’s capital city Nairobi, specifically the Wilson Airport, for a non-stop flight to the Sasaab airstrip. Note that the flight time might be 1-2 hours, depending on the airline and the flight route. 

With prior arrangement, Sasaab Lodge offers complimentary airstrip transfers to the lodge upon arrival in Samburu. Additionally, at departure, you will be chauffeured back to Sasaab’s airstrip.

Tip: If you book your Sasaab experience through a tour operator, they may have the option of driving to Samburu. However, we recommend booking your stay directly with Safari Collection and flying to Samburu. 

Our Experience at Sasaab Lodge

Day 1

Airstrip to Sasaab Lodge

We were bouncing off the walls in excitement, anticipating our 3-day and a 2-night stay at Sasaab. As the only lodge in the immediate area, we were excited about being off the grid. 

Our flight from Nairobi to Sasaab had been the epitome of “it’s not just the destination, it’s the journey too.” We were in awe of the aerial views of Kenya’s natural beauty. Upon touchdown at the airstrip, we were welcomed by the smiling faces of two gentlemen. One would be our driver, and the other, dressed in traditional Samburu regalia, would be our tour guide. 

Other guests would be arriving on a later flight, so the plan was to wait for them, and we would all head out to the lodge in one vehicle. In the interim, we made our way to a shaded enclosure where local Samburu women had set up shop. They were selling their beautifully designed, handcrafted wares, including beaded bracelets and necklaces. We purchased a few African-style gifts and headed to Sasaab’s branded open-top 4WD in readiness for our departure to the lodge. 

Arrival at sasaab lodge on one of the twice daily scheduled flights

While in the vehicle, we were issued personalized steel water bottles we would use during our stay. Sasaab prides itself on sustainability and actively strives to reduce its carbon footprint. 

About twenty minutes after our arrival at the Sasaab airstrip, the next flight dropping off guests arrived. Once everyone was settled in the vehicle, we set off, leaving a trail of dust behind as our driver maneuvered his way through the rugged terrain.

Our journey to the lodge was a scenic sightseeing experience in its own right, with our knowledgeable tour guide pointing out the resident wildlife and notable landmarks. We thoroughly enjoyed the bumpy but picturesque ride! 

Check-in at Sasaab Lodge

As we pulled into Sasaab’s gravel-lined driveway, the staff welcomed us with friendly smiles and enthusiastic waving. When our vehicle rolled to a complete stop, we hopped off, eager to get our Sasaab experience started. The Sasaab welcoming staff offloaded our luggage, and we bid the driver and tour guide farewell. 

We were ushered into the lobby and provided cool towels and cold, refreshing tropical drinks. Given Samburu’s markedly high heat index, this was much-needed! As we settled into the cozy seating area, we could not help but notice the dazzling Moroccan and Swahili-style architecture of Sasaab. It was quite a sight for sore eyes! 

bird watching and view of samburu national park

After a few minutes of basking in the cool breeze that swept through the large archways in the open-concept lobby, the lodge manager approached us with check-in documents we needed to review and sign. She explained the policies and required waiver, following which we signed on the dotted line. We were then escorted to our home away from home for the next couple of days. 

Our Luxury Tent 

Yet another friendly Sasaab tour guide led us to our tent, a short walk downhill. Our stunningly beautiful luxury tent was fit for royalty and was strategically positioned to offer remarkable views of the picturesque Samburu landscape. 

Inside, the tent featured a cozy main area offering unobstructed views of the Ewaso Nyiro river, a sleeping area with a lush four-poster bed, and a rustic meets contemporary semi-open-air bathroom. 

We settled into our tent, fully taking the moment in, completely in awe of the undisputed splendor! 

moroccan style individually located tents with canvas walls and four poster beds at sasaab bear samburu national park

Outside the tent, we had a terrace that served as a vantage point to spot roaming wildlife in the surrounding landscape and our own private plunge pool that was a cooling retreat to escape the blazing Samburu heat.

Fun fact: We had a unique traditional bow and arrow outside our tent. 

outside a private plunge pool at Sasaab near samburu reserve

Lunch, Exploration, and Siesta

Our first meal at Sasaab was lunch at the dining area adjacent to the lobby. We enjoyed a 3-course meal of soup and salad, a seafood entree, and a delectable dessert. After feasting to our hearts’ desire, we retreated to our tent for a much-needed afternoon siesta. 

Camels, Evening Game Drive, and Sundowner

Later in the afternoon, about 2 hours before dusk, we embarked on a camel riding adventure through the vast Samburu landscape. We were led by a group of local tour guides who knew the ins and outs of the area. 

enjoying camel rides during day trips and cultural excursions at sasaab camp on the laikipia plateau, inclusive of westgate conservation fees

Approximately 30 minutes into the ride, we spotted a Sasaab 4WD that would ferry us to the next part of our adventure. After carefully disembarking the camels and hopping into the vehicle, we set off on an evening game drive. This marked our first spotting of a herd of elephants effortlessly making their way through the rocky turf. 

After about 30 minutes of the game drive, our driver parked the vehicle at the foot of a kopje. We then proceeded to hike up to the hill’s peak, where we viewed a stunning sunset. Our tour guides had packed drinks and snacks for us to enjoy while relaxing on the hilltop. 

walking safaris at samburu national park, with a view of mount kenya


Following the game drive, we returned to the lodge, where we enjoyed a candlelit dinner outdoors. It was the perfect way to end an exciting first day at Sasaab! 

Day 2

Early Morning Game Drive

Our Sasaab tour guide came to our tent to escort us to the driveway, where our 4WD official safari vehicle was waiting for us. We would have two tour guides for the day, one driver and the other who sat in the back with us. Once settled into the vehicle, we set off on our game drive adventure to Samburu National Reserve.

The sun had only begun to peek over the horizon, its orange and pink hues spilling across the vast savannahs like a river of light. The air still held some of the night’s chill, and the sounds of nocturnal animals began to fade as they returned to their dens. 

We drove through the Samburu plains, our safari guides pointing out various wildlife along the way. As we made our way into the Samburu National Reserve, we almost had to pinch ourselves to ensure that we were living in reality and were not merely living a dream. We were on a Kenyan safari! Gasp! 

sasaab camp game drive day trips with sightings of somali ostrich, elephant bathing, reticulated giraffe and more

Some of the first animals we spotted were several beisa oryx with their distinctive white-streaked horns, as well as Somali ostriches strutting about with their black-and-white plumage catching glimpses of sunlight.

The farther we drove, the more we encountered various animals: wild dogs chasing down warthogs; reticulated giraffes munching on acacia leaves; grevy’s zebra dotting the landscape with their black-and-white striped coats; large herds of elephants wandering amidst all this beauty, gerenuk antelope grazing among the trees, and much more wildlife!

sasaab camp walking safaris and game drives

Bush Breakfast

This moment—our first glimpse into Samburu’s true African wilderness—remains etched into our memories for eternity.

How many people can say they have had breakfast right amid wildlife territory? It is definitely another item checked off our bucket list! 

Our tour guides parked our 4WD in an area where baboons had set up shop, munching on fruit from a nearby majestic tree.  We watched the elephants move towards us, their massive trunks swaying gracefully with each step.  Our breakfast consisted of fresh fruit, pancakes, eggs, and freshly brewed coffee. 

outdoor  breakfast and elephant bathing at sasaab camp


After hours of what had to be our most exhilarating game drive experience to date, we headed back to the lodge. We enjoyed another delicious meal before retiring to our tent for an afternoon siesta. 

Bush Dinner

At nightfall, our tour guides drove us to a secluded area where we would enjoy a starlit dinner. The setup was at the bottom of a rocky hill, with a bonfire lightly illuminating a dinner table setup. The Sasaab chef had prepared a three-course dinner with paired wines that we imbibed under a canopy of stars. Bush meals are memorable, to say the least! 

Day 3

Breakfast and Departure

How does breakfast with dik-dik — the world’s smallest antelopes — sound? Well, we did just that! We failed to mention that we coined the term “Sasaab’s resident mascot” in reference to the dik-diks that freely wander the property. They are friendly little creatures that we truly enjoyed interacting with.

Our last meal at Sasaab was symbolic. Every bite was meaningful as we reflected on the past few days of our epic safari adventure. No words can aptly describe just how much of a positive impact the experience had on us. 

Our stay at Sasaab Lodge was one of unrivaled exploration that far exceeded our expectations! From immersing ourselves in Kenyan culture to enjoying incredible wildlife sightings – we will remember this glamping experience forever!

We are eternally grateful to the friendly and welcoming staff at the lodge, who went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we had a phenomenal time.  

What to Expect at Sasaab

One thing that sets Sasaab Lodge apart from the crowd is the commitment to providing unique experiences tailored specifically for each guest. So whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation (or both), Sasaab has something for everyone. All this while surrounded by nature’s unadulterated beauty! 

Sasaab’s setting will allow you to witness the diversity of wildlife and landscapes that define northern Kenya. From elephants crossing the river to baboons playing among the trees, there is a wide array of animals in Samburu. 


The architecture at Sasaab truly captures the essence of East Africa and boasts a combination of Swahili and Moroccan flair. Combining vibrant colors, intricate designs, and unique textures, the lobby, designed to be a shared central area, is breathtakingly beautiful! In addition, the interiors of Sasaab Lodge are decorated with stunning handcrafted furniture inspired by traditional African culture. 

Accommodation at Sasaab Lodge

Sasaab has nine luxury safari-tented rooms that offer spectacular views of the stunning Samburu topography. 

The several hundred square meters of Moroccan-styled rooms include single rooms, double rooms, and two bedrooms family suite options. In addition, each tent at Sasaab camp has features such as four poster beds inside and your own plunge pool outside. 

Additional amenities include the following: mosquito nets over the beds, a hair dryer, safe for your personal effects, Toiletries, Swimming towels, Free standing fans, Dressing gowns and slippers, Insect repellent, Flashlight, Two-way radios, Skipping rope, and a yoga mat.

Note that there are no televisions in the tents. The goal is to get you to detach and truly immerse yourself into the sanctuary and tranquility of the place.

You will have an expert guide with whom you can communicate via two-way radio. They will be available for assistance as needed. 

Every evening, there is a turndown service when the Sasaab staff will set up mosquito nets over beds, turn on lights, and ensure that your luxury tent is correctly zipped up. 

The tents offer the perfect blend of modern amenities and luxury with the unique beauty of Africa as a backdrop.


At Sasaab, your safety is of utmost importance. Therefore, the lodge offers 24-hour security service and provides a safe environment for guests and staff. 

As a guest, you must remain on designated paths and trails to minimize disruption to surrounding wildlife. Therefore, be aware of your surroundings at all times. 

If you would like to explore the Sasaab property, ensure that you request the assistance of a Sasaab spotter who will keep you safe. 

When it is dark outside (early morning or at night), Sasaab’s experienced guides will walk you to and from your tent.  

Each tent is equipped with a handheld transceiver (walkie-talkie) for communication with the Sasaab staff. To that end, in your tent, use the walkie-talkie if you require assistance.

Amenities at Sasaab Lodge 

Sasaab Spa

Known as Spasaab, the spa offers an undeniably unforgettable pampering and relaxation experience of relaxation and pampering. Various massage and beauty treatments are available to ease you into a state of tranquility and restore your body’s natural balance. 

Sasaab Swimming Pool

At Sasaab, you enjoy more than just private plunge pools at the nine individually located tents. Imagine sipping a refreshing cocktail, lounging on a sun-soaked deck chair, and looking out at an incredible scenic vista. Well, you can at Sasaab’s main swimming pool! It is an infinity pool that overlooks the Ewaso Nyiro River and offers a vantage point to spot wildlife and cool off from the African heat. 

Sasaab Bush Gym

The onsite gym offers the ideal setting to break a sweat while simultaneously taking in breathtaking views of the Samburu scenery! The equipment includes free weights, an exercise bike, an elliptical, as well as a TRX all-in-one suspension training system for weight training, cardio, cross-training & resistance training.

Dining Options at Sasaab Lodge

Dining at Sasaab is a unique and immersive experience featuring some of the finest fresh ingredients sourced from the local area to tantalize your taste buds. The natural Kenyan ingredients add an authentic touch to every dish! Beverages include high-quality luxury spirits, house wines, house beers, and soft drinks.

Whether you dine at the main dining area or the adjacent deck, you will enjoy picturesque views as you feast. The dining space is designed to make you feel like you’re out in nature and surrounded by all the best Kenya offers. 

Quick Things to Know for Sasaab Luxury Safari Kenya Experience

  • The steel water bottle you will be issued when you arrive is what you will use throughout your stay at Sasaab. For sustainability reasons, there are no disposable bottles or cups. 
  • Sasaab is an all-inclusive property; however, some activities (e.g., spa treatments, helicopter rides, etc.) will incur additional costs. Inquire at the time of booking and check-in. 
  • Afternoon tea is served at 4 PM daily in the lobby 
  • Sasaab offers complimentary pick-up from Sasaab airstrip on arrival and back to the airstrip on the day of your departure. 
  • The swimming pool is open all day – with one caution; since there is no lifeguard on duty, an adult should always supervise little ones.
  • The Wi-FI and phone network signals in Sasaab can be spotty. Therefore, plan accordingly. 
  • The 4WD vehicles you will ride in have USB ports that you can use to charge your electronic devices on the go. 
  • You will receive a wake-up call from a tour guide for early morning game drives.
  • Complimentary laundry service is available upon request. 

Things to do While Staying at Sasaab Lodge

Game Drives

The Kenyan safari game drives offer an unparalleled authentic wilderness experience Sasaab’s location—amidst a vast African savannah and close to Samburu National Park—will provide you with an unmatched opportunity for an up-close glimpse into the world of animals living in their natural habitat. 

The twice-daily game drives, specifically early morning and night drives, offer numerous safari sightings such as elephants, lions, antelope, giraffes, and more. Expert guides lead all game drives to ensure a safe African game-viewing adventure. 

Tip: night drives offer rare opportunities to observe nocturnal wildlife.

Bush Breakfast and Starlit Dinners

Sasaab Lodge offers dining experiences in idyllic mother-nature settings. Bush breakfasts are exceptional as they provide an opportunity to be close to wildlife in their natural habitat. You will have a delicious array of fresh fruits, pancakes, eggs, sausages, and traditional African dishes while experiencing the sights, sounds, and smells of the bush from a safe distance. 

During starlit dinners, candlelit tables are set up on a secluded terrace amid the Kenyan wilderness. A selection of locally sourced ingredients are used to create delectable culinary treats. Dinner is served accompanied by various flavorsome wines that Sasaab’s sommelier has carefully selected. 

Both bush breakfasts and starlit dinners will undoubtedly offer you one-of-a-kind memories that will last a lifetime!


The sundowner experience is undoubtedly a remarkable one! First, you will have the opportunity to hike up a rocky kopje overlooking the Laikipia plains and aptly named ‘sundowner rock.’ Here you will take in spectacular views of rolling hills dotted with acacia trees and herds of animals. Then, as the sun slowly sets over the horizon and darkness descends upon the landscape, the Sasaab crew will serve you light bites and drinks while you soak in the absolute splendor of a Samburu sunset. 

view from the moroccan style sasaab camp

Camel Walks

Led by knowledgeable guides and experienced Samburu herdsmen, the camel walks offer a chance to explore the untouched African bush from the back of one of these majestic animals. Starting at the lodge grounds, you’ll stroll along a trail that winds through some of the region’s most unique and breathtaking landscapes. 

On your journey, through the undulating terrain and scenic vistas, your guides will share information about the rich cultural heritage of the Samburu people. They will also share interesting facts about nature and wildlife gracefully inhabiting this part of Kenya. 

moroccan style adventure at sasaab camp

Quad Biking

Exploring the area surrounding Sasaab Lodge via quad bike is a great way to get up close and personal with some of the most stunning and unique sights. There are several tracks to traverse, depending on how long you wish to ride. You can also tie your quad biking adventure to a bush breakfast or sundowner experience.

Fly Camping

If you are an intrepid explorer on the hunt for a truly extraordinary experience, Sasaab offers fly camping. Upon request and with advanced notice, Sasaab staff can set up a mobile camp for you in the Westgate Conservancy. Here you can enjoy an open-air dinner and later fall asleep in a mosquito dome tent, enveloped by the sounds of nighttime wildlife. The next day you will awaken with the dawning sun and be embraced by a symphony of nature’s music. 

Nature Walk

The local Samburu guides will lead the way as you explore the Samburu community land, including nature trails. In addition, they will share tons of interesting facts about plants and animals in the area during your guided bush walks. 

Helicopter Experiences

Take a fantastic journey and witness an aerial view of the stunning scenery of Kenya via Sasaab’s helicopter experiences. You will soar through remote regions that are otherwise inaccessible. Prepare to be amazed by some of the most captivating views as you explore extensive mountain ranges, monumental rivers, lush forests, vibrant communities, and abundant wildlife. 

Cultural Immersion

While staying at Sasaab, you can participate in cultural excursions in the local Samburu community. You will be exposed to authentic cultural experiences in the local village, such as the Sunset Samburu dance, market day, manyatta, and community project visits.

Photo Ops

During your stay at Sasaab, there will be plenty of opportunities to take panoramic photos. Therefore, be sure to always have your phone or camera handy. 

How Sasaab Lodge Gives Back

An adventure at Sasaab can be a life-changing experience for guests and the local Samburu village residents. As part of its commitment to sustainability, The Safari Collection has established a close partnership with the Westgate Community Conservancy to support various health and education projects. 

The Safari Collection also supports conservation efforts such as the Grevy’s Zebra Trust, which strives to ensure that there will be future generations of endangered Grevy’s Zebra. 

What’s more, as a safari-goer, you can join in these efforts by contributing to conservation, sustainability, local school programs, and more through The Safari Collection. There is nothing quite like making your safari memories even more impressive as you help to make a difference too!

Tips for Planning Your Trip to Sasaab Lodge


Given the popularity of Sasaab, and the limited number of luxury tents, ensure that you book your stay well in advance in order to lock down your desired dates. We recommend booking at least 2-3 months in advance. 

If you have mobility issues, ask for a tent closest to the lobby. The lower-level tents involve walking up a steep incline to get back to the lobby. Note that even if you are in reasonably good shape, you may still get somewhat winded; therefore, pace yourself. 


We can’t stress the importance of having both travel and health insurance enough. It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! 

Luggage Limits

Note that the flights from Nairobi to Sasaab are via smaller aircraft with strict luggage limits. You may only be allowed to carry a small bag or carry-on luggage. Therefore, you will have to arrange for luggage storage if you have traveled to Kenya with more luggage. 

Safari Essentials

Ensure that you have packed safari essentials such as safari-friendly clothing, sunscreen, insect repellent (Sasaab provides this, but you can pack extra), 

Malaria Prevention 

Given that Kenya is in a tropical location, malaria is relatively common. Therefore, we suggest you start an anti-malarial medication regimen from the first day you land in Kenya. Ensure you purchase your medication from a reputable pharmacy (often referred to as chemists in Kenya). 

Other Safari Collection Luxury Safari Kenya Properties

Safari Collection properties offer some of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious safari experiences. In addition to Sasaab, the Safari Collection has four other properties. These are Giraffe Manor in Kenya’s capital city Nairobi, Sala’s Camp in the renowned Masai Mara, Solio Lodge in the Mount Kenya region, and Siruai Mobile Camp in northwest Laikipia. 

Whether you’re looking for an intimate family getaway or a romantic couple’s retreat, Safari Collection has something for everyone. From game drives through national parks to guided walks through local villages, their experienced guides will show off all that Africa offers while providing top-notch hospitality.

Final Thoughts About Sasaab Lodge’s Luxury Safari Kenya Experience

No matter what type of traveler you are—adventurer, photographer, foodie, and everything in between—you will find something special at Sasaab in Kenya’s Northern frontier district. 

A lot sets Sasaab apart from the pack; some favorites include its exquisite setting overlooking the Ewaso Nyiro River, the luxurious accommodation, the breathtaking views, as well as the array of activities and accommodations explicitly tailored for each guest’s needs. 

To summarize, whether you’re looking for an adventurous safari experience or want to relax in beautiful, serene surroundings, Sasaab has you covered. There’s no limit to what an unforgettable stay this Kenyan safari lodge can offer you. This famous Samburu Reserve safari lodge with a warm and friendly atmosphere is certainly worth writing home about! 

Reserve Your Spot: Sasaab Lodge Kenya Booking

Book your stay today and start planning your luxurious escape to Sasaab Lodge!

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