What to Expect at Grandscape Ferris Wheel in The Colony, TX

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The Grandscape Ferris Wheel is a modern marvel and a one-of-a-kind North Texas attraction. It forms part of Grandscape, a dynamic mixed-use destination where shopping, dining, and entertainment seamlessly intertwine. But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill carnival ride. In this travel guide, we share what makes this new Ferris wheel a must-visit Dallas—Fort Worth landmark. 

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Quick Facts About the Grandscape Wheel, TX

  • Dutch Wheels— the global leader in Ferris wheels, designed the Grandscape Ferris Wheel.
  • It was officially opened in September 2021.
  • The Ferris Wheel is located in The Colony, TX, about 20 miles from the heart of Dallas.
  • This 180-foot-tall Ferris wheel is the tallest structure in The Colony, a city in the middle of North Texas.
  • The Ferris Wheel features 42 air-conditioned gondolas that offer 360-degree views of North Texas.

Grandscape Wheel Address

5740 Grandscape Boulevard, Suite 300, The Colony, TX 75056

grandscape wheel at the colony

Things to Know Before You Book Your Grandscape Ferris Wheel Experience

Who is Grandscape Ferris Wheel For?

The Ferris Wheel at Grandscape aims to provide a broad spectrum of people with an enjoyable experience. The following is a non-exhaustive list of people we think would enjoy a Grandscape Ferris Wheel outing.

  • Friend groups: The Ferris Wheel can be a fun excursion for friend groups. It’s a unique way to catch up, share laughs, and enjoy aerial views. 
  • Seekers of family-friendly experiences: Ferris wheel rides are a fun and safe activity for the entire family.
  • Celebrants: The Ferris Wheel is a great place to celebrate life’s special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries. 
grandscape wheel in Dallas
  • Content Seekers: If you are keen on capturing unique photos and videos for your social media, the Ferris Wheel experience is a great opportunity to capture breathtaking moments. 
  • Explorers:  Tourists visiting North Texas will find the Ferris wheel to be an exciting introduction to the area. In contrast, local residents may find it a unique way to see familiar sites from a new angle.
  • Romantic Adventurers: The gondolas’ closed setting and the scenic sights make it a perfect selection for couples desiring a romantic date experience. 

Grandscape Ferris Wheel Tickets

All Grandscape Ferris Wheel tickets are valid for a single visit on any operating day within one year from the date of purchase. The following is the ticket cost breakdown: 

Children  3 years of age  and underFREE
General Admission (ages 12 and up)$17.55 per person
Junior (ages 4-11)$12.01 per person
Military, Seniors, First Responders$14.78 per person
VIP Premium Access Admission$49.88 per person
Small Group (0-99 people)$14.55 per person
Medium Group (100-200 people)$13.63 per person
Large Group (200+ people)$13.63 per person

Note that the pricing above does not include sales tax.

How to Purchase Tickets

You can purchase tickets in advance online or at the onsite ticket booth. However, we recommend that you purchase them in advance online, as this way, you can bypass the ticket booth and go straight to the entrance gate.

You can either print out your e-ticket at home or just show it on your phone to the gate attendant.

what to expect at grandscape wheel

Grandscape Ferris Wheel Hours

Wednesday & Thursday6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Friday 5:00 PM- 10:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday12:00 PM- 10:00 PM

Grandscape Ferris Wheel ADA Accessibility

Standard wheelchairs can be accommodated in the gondolas.  Motorized wheelchairs cannot.

Grandscape Ferris Wheel Pet Policy

The Grandscape Ferris Wheel does not allow pets.

Grandscape Ferris Wheel Weight Limits

Up to 8 people (or 1320 lbs) can be accommodated in each gondola. 

the entrance at the grandscape wheel

What to Expect at Grandscape Ferris Wheel 

Parking at Grandscape

Free parking is available at Grandscape’s outdoor parking lots and in the enclosed parking garage.

General Admission 

You can expect a peaceful voyage to the skies when you purchase a general admission ticket for the Ferris Wheel at Grandscape.

The climate-controlled gondolas have been rigorously engineered for safety and designed for optimal sightseeing. They offer soaring, unobstructed views of the North Texas skyline. 

the gondola rides at grandscape wheel

VIP Admission

With a VIP admission ticket, you will ride in a special four-person VIP gondola.

In addition to a first-class VIP gondola with plush leather seats and a glass bottom floor, your exclusive experience includes front-of-the-line access and a complimentary souvenir photo.

How long is the Grandscape Ferris Wheel ride?

The total ride time is about 15 minutes. 

Photo Ops at Grandscape Ferris Wheel

Right after you check in and start navigating to the gondolas, a Grandscape photographer can take a souvenir photo of you. Note that this will incur an additional cost beyond your ticket price. 

Our Experience at Grandscape Ferris Wheel

gentleman about to get on gondola ride at Grandscape

Ticket Purchase

We purchased our e-tickets online on the day we planned to go to the Ferris Wheel. Once payment was confirmed, our e-tickets were emailed to us.

As previously mentioned, tickets are not assigned a specific date or time. You can use your tickets at any time, up to one year from the date of purchase. 

lady at the e3ntrance of the grandscape ferris wheel

The Ferris Wheel Experience

Hopping onto one of the gondolas at the Grandscape Observation Wheel turned out to be an unforgettable ride from the get-go.

The excitement was undeniable as we gradually made our way to the top of the nearly 200-foot-tall Ferris wheel. But nothing could have prepared us for the breathtaking view that greeted us at the summit.

The stunning sights of The Colony lay spread out beneath us like a miniature world, vibrant and alive in ways we’d never seen before. We were glued to the visuals, pointing out landmarks, snapping photos, and soaking in the experience.

What We Loved Most About the Grandscape Wheel

Beyond the exhilarating ride and amazing view, we loved that it was only us in the gondola. So, if you choose to book a Grandscape Ferris Wheel experience, it will just be you and your party (if any) in the gondola—you will not be riding with strangers. 

guest sitting inside one of the gondolas at grandscape

What We Wish Was Different About the Grandscape Wheel

We wish the ride was longer than 15 minutes— it went by entirely too fast! 

man enjoying aerial views of Dallas in a gondola

More Things To Do at Grandscape

Grandscape isn’t just about the Ferris wheel; it’s packed with several entertainment options, and it is a premier shopping destination.

On offer is one-of-a-kind kind outdoor entertainment, including an extraodinary music scene; world-class restaurants serving up a mix of Texas cuisine and international flavors; the renowned Andretti Indoor Karting, and more.  

To plan your visit, visit Grandscape’s website for the latest events and offerings. 

Final Thoughts About Grandscape Ferris Wheel

The Grandscape Ferris wheel is an impressive construction that offers more than just a scenic overlook. If you love excitement or perhaps you simply wish to experience the greater Dallas area differently, the Ferris Wheel is a must-visit attraction. 

If you decide to go, just remember: The gondola ride is the journey, the view is the destination, and both are equally delightful.  Happy Grandscape Ferris Wheel-ing! 

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