Walk Llamas in Texas at Shangrillama Castle

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Walk llamas in Texas? Why and where, you ask? Discover the joy of this unique activity at ShangriLlama Castle, a hidden gem in Texas. Here, you can walk with llamas and soak in the serenity of nature. In this guide, we share why ShangriLlama Castle is a must-visit destination. 

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Fun Facts About Llamas 

  • Llamas are pack animals and are prevalent in several countries in South America, such as Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.
  • Peru has the highest population of llamas in the world. 
  • Llamas are related to alpacas, vicuñas, guanacos, and camels. 
  • The average weight of a llama varies between 280 to 450 pounds. Males are typically slightly larger than females.
  • Llamas were first introduced to the United States for private guardianship in the early 1970s.

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Who Is Llama Walking For?

Llama walking is a low-impact activity, making it suitable and enjoyable for people of all ages. Whether you’re a young child fascinated by animals or an adult looking to connect with nature, these llama walks promise a great time for everyone. 

The llama experience at Shangrillama Castle is bucket list-worthy and tailored for animal lovers of every stripe.  Here, you will encounter friendly llamas, who will be perfect companions for your walk.

The serene environment and the charming llamas combine to create a relaxing and joyful experience, perfect for family outings, special events, solo adventures, or as a unique date idea.

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Introduction to Llama Walking at Shangrillama Castle, Texas

Shangrillama Castle is a llama farm set on sprawling acres of land. It is a one-of-a-kind destination that blends the allure of a replica Irish Castle with the unique experience of llama walking.

The enchanting castle and surrounding winding nature trail serve as a backdrop for a novel experience unlike any other. 

Shangrillama Castle Address:

The Castle is located in Royse City, Texas. It is adjacent to Rockwall, approximately 30 minutes away from Plano, 40 minutes from Dallas, 50 minutes from McKinney, and just over an hour’s drive from Ft. Worth.

To respect the privacy of Shangrillama’s owners, we are unable to provide the castle’s address (they live on the property). If you choose to book a llama walking experience, the Shangrillama contact will share the complete directions to the property with you. 

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Meet The Llamas at Shangrillama Texas

At Shangrillama Castle, visitors can enjoy 2-hour  walks with the entire pack of llamas. Each llama has a unique story and personality.

  • Dalai Llama is a wise, protective white llama with blue eyes, known for his starring role in a GameStop commercial.
  • Barack O Llama is the noble second-in-command, recognized for his positive impact, and awarded the Nobel Pets Prize.
  • Bahama Llama is a charming, award-winning show llama and a regular at Shangrillama weddings.
  • Pajama Llama is known for his beautiful pajama-like coat
  • Drama Llama is a striking figure with a lion-like mane and unique coat, known for his standout appearance.
  • Sir Lance-O-Llama has soft brown fur and loves exploring the castle’s grounds. 
  • Hakuna-Ma-Llama is the newest, carefree baby llama member of the family. 

Llamas are social animals, and walking them on the private scenic trails at the castle is truly unforgettable!

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Our Walking Llamas in Texas Experience at Shangrillama

The Drive to Shangrillama

Our journey to Shangrillama Castle, nestled in a quaint rural area, was exciting in itself. Navigating there was a breeze, thanks to the spot-on directions provided by our Shangrillama contact – crucial for avoiding the infamous muddy roads.

Pro tip: Follow the directions provided by Shangrillama. The roads can be tricky, and you don’t want to foot a hefty tow truck bill!

Introduction to the Llama Farm

We drove into the property and were promptly checked in. Our tour kicked off on an exciting note with an informative session inside the castle barn, where we joined other llama lovers. We were paired with our own llama and officially began our llama-walking experience!

llamas in the barn at Shangrillama castle

one of the llamas at shangrillama castle texas

The Trail Walk at Shangrillama

The walk itself was nothing short of magical. Surrounded by fresh air and the serenity of nature, we strolled alongside our llama companion. The walk was slow-paced, with stops every 10 minutes for photo opportunities and to be paired with other llamas. By the end of the walk, we had interacted with each of the llamas and had caught a glimpse of their unique personalities. 

date day with llamas at Shangrillama

And guess what? We even encountered adorable Nigerian dwarf goats at a neighboring farm – talk about a delightful bonus!

Nigerian dwarf goats in Royse City

It was evident how much love and care goes into looking after these llamas. The Shangrillama staff were so sweet to the llamas and pampered them with tasty treats throughout our nature walk.

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During the walk, we had an opportunity to chat with the mastermind behind Shangrillama. Fondly referred to as ‘Mama Llama,’ she shared that the llama-walking concept stemmed from her son. As a young boy, he developed a love for llamas, leading her to their first llama farm. The rest, as they say, is llama history.

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Our Favorite Llama

All the llamas are adorable, and we loved them all; however, we had a soft spot for Barry (Barack O’Lama). His laid-back attitude and friendly demeanor the entire time added so much to our already amazing experience at the llama farm. Barry: the bright-eyed llama with the softest coat! 

The Shangrillama Gift Shop

We patronized the on-site gift shop to cap off our bucket-list-worthy llama experience. Here, you will find llama-themed merchandise, including apparel, books, and other creative souvenirs. We were excited to learn that they also have an online store. If interested, you can check out the store here. 

Our Honest Opinion About Shangrillama

Now for the million-dollar question: Do we recommend llama walking at Shangrillama Castle?

Absolutely! Trust us, a day with these llama friends is a day well spent! 

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Things To Know Before Llama Walks at Shangrillama, Texas

The following are a few tips to help you have a seamless llama walking experience: 

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What To Bring to Your Llamas in Texas Walk

 Comfortable Footwear: Choose sturdy shoes for walking on uneven terrain.

Weather-appropriate Clothing: Be ready for Texas weather! Bring layers or rain gear, depending on the forecast.

 Camera (or your phone): You’ll want to capture these memorable moments.

Hands-Free Approach: It’s important to keep your hands free to hold the llamas’ reins safely. Store extra belongings in your car or carry them in a small backpack or crossbody bag.

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Llama Trek Safety Tips

Understanding a llama’s behavior is key to a safe and enjoyable experience. Llamas are generally gentle, but like all animals, they have quirks. Keep these safety tips in mind:

Stay Calm: Llamas respond well to calm and gentle handling. But do not pet them.

Give Them Space: Respect their personal space to avoid startling them.

Follow the Guide’s Instructions: Your guide knows the llamas best. Heeding their advice ensures a safe and fun experience for everyone.

With these tips, you’re all set for an adventure of a fun and safe llama-walking adventure at Shangrillama Texas!

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Shangrillama Policies To Be Aware Of

Llama Walk Dates of Availability and Cost

Llama walks are available from November through April. The cost is $60 per person (plus a $3.60 processing fee.

Tip:  It is a good idea to lock down your llama walking session as soon as the booking window opens. Your advance reservation will ensure you get your preferred date and time slot, especially if you have a large group.

Shangrillama Refund, Ticket Transfer and Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy

Tickets for the Llama Walk at Shangrillama are refundable and can be changed; however, there is a caveat.  You will only receive a full refund if you cancel more than a week before your scheduled llama walk. No refunds or changes will be processed once this one-week deadline has passed.

Tip: Changes to your ticket may include adding an additional participant to your reservation, changing your visit date, etc. 

Ticket Transfer Policy

If you cannot make changes or request a refund because you’ve passed the one-week deadline, there’s still an option available. Your tickets can be transferred to another person. This means you can pass them on to any other adult who can attend the Llama Walk on the date you originally booked.

Cancellation Policy

No changes, refunds, or cancellations will be accepted after the one-week deadline before your scheduled llama walk. Therefore, we encourage you to plan accordingly and make any necessary changes before this time frame to avoid any inconvenience.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of weather conditions that are non-conducive to llama walking, Shangrillama will honor your ticket for a future reservation. 

Age Limit

The minimum age to participate in a llama walk is 10. Note that children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

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More Things To Do at Shangrillama Castle

Beyond walks, there are different ways to interact with the llamas at Shangrillama. The following are a few ideas to consider. 

1. Host a Special Event

Shangrillama offers more than just llama walks; it’s the perfect celebration venue.  If you’re planning special events like birthdays, weddings, or any festive gathering, Shangrillama provides a unique opportunity to create unforgettable moments. 

Imagine saying ‘I do’ with gentle llamas as your backdrop or celebrating a milestone birthday surrounded by the natural beauty of this charming farm. It’s an experience that will make your special event the talk of the town!

2. Shop Llama-inspired Merchandise

Venture into the on-site gift shop, where you can find a world of llama-inspired treasures. It’s a delightful place to take home a piece of your Shangrillama experience. From stylish llama t-shirts to cozy hoodies, there’s something for everyone. 

Browse through an array of stylish llama t-shirts, hoodies, and other charming trinkets and souvenirs that capture the essence of your visit. These are a great way to memorialize your encounter with your newfound furry friends—the llama bunch. 

3. Take Great Photos

Shangrillama is a photographer’s dream! Seize every moment for stunning photos, whether a selfie with a friendly llama, capturing laughter in group photos, or the breathtaking farm scenery. The picturesque setting creates the perfect backdrop for capturing and sharing snapshots you’ll cherish forever!

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4. Experience Virtual Llama Visits

If you want a fun twist on virtual meetings, you can invite a llama or the whole group of llamas from ShangriLlama to join the call. The following are the two fantastic options for weekday virtual gatherings:

5. Host a Llama Meet and Greet

 Lighten up your meeting with a visit from the charming pack of llamas. A trainer introduces each llama, guaranteeing smiles all around.

6. Play a Llama Oddities Game

Engage in a lively game that’s all about learning fascinating llama facts in a fun, interactive way. 

7. Participate in Llama Lessons

Llama lessons are available year-round for private groups and from May to September for the public. Note that lessons are open to adults and children ages 4 and up and cost $20 per person. You can easily book your llama lesson time slot online.

Your hour-long llama lesson will be in an air-conditioned barn on the Shangrillama Castle property. You will be treated to a close-up view of the free-roaming llamas and learn about their behaviors and quirks. It’s a perfect outing for families or groups looking for something different to do. 

Fun fact: The spelling is Llama Llessons (double L)

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Final Thoughts About Walking With Llamas at ShangriLlama Texas

A trip to Shangrillama is more than just a regular farm visit  — embarking on a llama walk is an unforgettable lifetime experience! As you stroll beside these beautiful llamas, you’ll discover the joy and calm that these gentle creatures bring.

Shangrillama offers an idyllic setting, blending the beauty of rural landscapes with the delightful company of the majestic llamas. So, if you are searching for a distinctive way to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature and bond with animals, this unique destination is definitely a great option! 

Book Your Walk With Llamas in Texas

Note that walking with llamas is available from November to April. Llamas lessons and other activities are available year-round. Book your llama experience here.

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