Picnic Date Ideas: 12 Unique Spots for a Romantic Date

Unique picnic date ideas for a romantic date

Picnic date ideas can be as simple or as over the top as you please. So, whether you are seeking a traditional picnic date setup, an out-of-the-box arrangement, or anything in between, you have a vast selection of options. In this guide, we are sharing some of the best picnic date ideas to consider for your next picnic.

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Tip: Most of the location ideas listed here are dependent on good weather. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the weather ahead of time.

Picnic Date in a Public Park

A park is one of the most common choices as a perfect spot for a picnic. Either local or state parks can be a suitable options. Parks are definitely a great way to be out in nature. Additionally, some parks already have picnic tables, making the setup quite simple.  

Note that there may be some restrictions at parks e.g. glass bottles may not be allowed at some locations.

Picnic Date By a Lake/river/pond 

Hosting your picnic at a local waterfront such as by a lake, river or pond is also a great option. A major perk is the stunning waterfront views you will enjoy. Additionally, depending on what time you go, a beautiful sunset can be one of the highlights of your picnic.

Tip: Be sure to pack a waterproof picnic blanket.

picnic date idea at a lake

Picnic Date on a boat 

Imagine sailing into the sunset, or perhaps even a nice mid-day cruise, on a lake or ocean while enjoying a picnic. A picnic atop water can without a doubt be a perfect date! It is a great opportunity to spend quality time on the water in a unique way.

picnic date on a boat

Picnic Date on a train 

A picnic date on a train can be the perfect opportunity for a next-level experience. This is not applicable to local commuter trains, but rather long-distance trains like Amtrak. Note that there are specific trains that allow personal food, so research ahead of time. That being said, traversing the country aboard a train while enjoying a picnic is an undeniably unique date idea. 

picnic date on a train

Picnic Date on a rooftop 

The best way to take in a city skyline as you enjoy a picnic is on a rooftop. You will literally feel like you are sitting on top of the world!  This unique picnic spot can be the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion.

rooftop picnic

Picnic Date at a Drive in theater 

Drive-in theaters are not entirely a thing of the past. They can still be found in some areas, and are a good choice for a picnic date. Cozy up, dine on your picnic bites, grab a bottle of wine (or other drink) and enjoy a full-screen movie outdoors. It’s definitely a fun date night idea!

drive-in theater date

Picnic Date at the Beach 

Sand in your toes, ocean sounds, and scenic sights is the stuff epic beach picnics are made of. They are certainly a romantic picnic date idea. Plus, it goes without saying that witnessing a sunset during your beach picnic is the icing on the cake!

beach date

Picnic Date on a Hill top/ mountain top 

Another amazing aerial view picnic idea would be on a hill or mountain top. Hike to the top of a hill, or to the peak of a mountain, and picnic while taking in scenic sights. It can make for a romantic picnic date with an equally great view.

date on a mountain

Picnic Date at a Scenic Lookout 

A scenic lookout such as a hidden gem in nature can be a perfect picnic location. A beautiful spot such as this can be a great idea for a first date. Additionally, depending on the time of day and your location, you can enjoy a scenic sunset during your picnic.

picnic at a scenic lookout

Picnic in a vineyard/winery 

Get your picnic wine straight from the source and enjoy your picnic at a vineyard or winery. You can have a good time enjoying a little bit of wine, or full-on wine tastings at your picnic.

winery outdoor party

Picnic indoors 

Fun picnic ideas are not limited to outdoor locations. You can have the best time at an indoor location as well. Although often used as a Plan B when inclement weather is looming, it can actually be a great thing to be indoors for a picnic. You can play board games, a card game, etc. The simple things can actually be good options for cute date ideas.

indoor date

Picnic At a Backyard

Who said you have to go far to host a picnic? You can certainly have an equally amazing picnic experience hosting a backyard picnic. Plus, there is the benefit of being in close proximity to any additional picnic essentials (e.g. plates, condiments, etc) that you may need.

backyard dining

Picnic at Botanical Gardens

A picnic at a botanical garden is worthy of fairytale accolades. Being surrounded by vibrant flowers is the natural picnic decor you never knew you needed!

Tip: Find the perfect time to visit a Botanical Garden (e.g during spring blooms) for the most epic picnic experience.

botanical garden

Bonus Points for Picnic Date Ideas

If you will be sourcing your own food for your picnic, there are several romantic picnic food ideas to consider. Some great choices to add to your picnic menus include a main dish such as pasta salad, fresh fruit, fruit salad, fruit juice, warm drinks(if the weather is cooler), white wines, finger foods, Caprese skewers, charcuterie board, etc. Find other picnic date food ideas and some of the best picnic foods in our What to Bring on a Picnic Guide.

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We typically plan for a hot day for a picnic, but sometimes the weather can change at short notice. To be prepared, consider the following items for your picnic.

Additional Useful Picnic Information

Some picnic essentials are small things that are fairly easy to forget. These may include the following: a bottle opener, ice packs, picnic table, bug spray, portable speaker, etc. Stay on track with your picnic essentials by checking out our comprehensive checklist in our What to Bring on a Picnic Guide.

If you plan to use a luxury picnic company to curate your picnic, be aware of what to expect and what questions to ask. This will ensure a seamless picnic experience. Learn more in our Luxury Picnic Companies Guide.

Similarly, check out our Best Picnic Spots in Dallas Fort Worth Guide.

Lastly, check out our What to Wear to a Picnic Guide.

Outdoor dining

Final Thoughts About Picnic Date Ideas

As demonstrated, you can be as creative as you want when choosing a location to bring your romantic picnic ideas to life. Anything from the often used park location, to the uber unique train option, and everything in between can be the perfect location for a picnic.

We hope that this picnic date ideas guide has served as a useful resource to you. Whatever picnic date idea that you go with, the whole point of it all, and truly the most important thing, is to have a great time!

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romantic date at home

picnic date couple aesthetic

Fun Fact: The Fourth of July is the most popular picnic day in the U.S.

Now, go forth and bring your next-level romantic ideas to life!

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